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No Pesticides, Heavy metals, Preservatives or Chemicals.

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Why Adya Organics

When health is your top priority, organic food and products should be your preferred choice. Adya Organics is inspired by the ancient Indian practice of eating fresh, healthy and natural foods. We bring the best-quality natural products sourced directly from our farms, for the health buff in you.


Our Cows

Produce healthier & easily digestible milk

Our Farm

Organic Farms

Nestled in pristine locations away from pollution

Our Prouducts

Wide Range

From pure milk products to cold-pressed oils, we have it all

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Everyone around our farms & beyond love Adya Organics dearly.

Our Current Offers

A2 Milk Ghee
Almond Oil

A1 Cow Vs A2 Cow

Pure and Healthy for daily consumption. Our indigenous cows produce the healthiest milk for best nutrition and great taste.

A1 A2 Milk Comparison

Benefits of Adya Organics Products

Pure & Organic A2 Milk

Our cows produce pure A2 milk that is termed as the healthiest milk for human consumption.

Indigenous A2 Cow Herd

A2 cows produce easily digestible milk and are better than their hump-less counterparts.

Blend of Tradition & Hygiene

Combining international hygiene practices with traditional dairy farming trends, we bring you the best of both worlds.

100% Organic Grazing Fields

All our cows graze on 100% organic fields improving cow health and milk quality.

Expert Caretakers

Our farming staff is well-trained in best farming practices to handle the herd, efficiently.


Benefits of Adya Organics A2 Milk Ghee

Joint Pains

As per Ayurveda, Pure organic Ghee can cure joint pains and ease their symptoms.

Weight Loss

Ghee can aid in weight loss for both men & women and can help in maintaining weight.

Aids Digestion

Ghee can cure gastric problems and aids in general digestion.

Gir Cows A2 Milk Ghee

Lowers Cholesterol

As per Ayurveda, Ghee can lower cholesterol as compared to other fats such butter.

Cures Insomnia

Ghee can be used topically to aid in inducing sleeping or increase sleeping duration.

Slows Ageing

As per research, Ghee can slow down aging as it is full of nutrients and anti-oxidants.

The Process ( from the vedic era)

We believe that dairy products are best for consumption in its most natural form. Hence, all our processes are focused at retaining the purity of dairy products. While you might be used to consuming milk, butter, ghee and other dairy products packed with lots of preservatives, we focus more on in bringing you dairy products in their natural form.

All the cows at Adya farms graze in organic fields for their health and well-being. The cows grazing in a natural environment are happier, and produce milk rich in beneficial enzymes.
To extract ghee, butter and other products, we use traditional bilona method that involves churning by hand. The main difference is that the ghee produced is made from curds and not milk cream, making it much more pure.
We don’t keep calves away from mother cows and only collect milk once the calf is satisfied. Using modern D-level vacuum system, we maintain hygiene levels while avoiding any form of contamination.
Our gualas are well trained in traditional dairy practices as well as modern quality standards. They understand how to raise the cattle, naturally and manage organic