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Indulge in the perfect harmony of sweetness and nutrition with Gur Chana by Adya Organics. This thoughtfully crafted product combines the natural goodness of Gur (date palm jaggery) with the wholesome crunch of Chana, creating a delectable treat that not only satisfies your sweet cravings but also nourishes your body.

USP (Unique Selling Proposition):

  • Organic Goodness: Gur Chana by Adya Organics is made with a commitment to organic farming practices, ensuring purity and sustainability.
  • Natural Sweetness: The use of Gur, a traditional and pure form of jaggery, provides a delightful sweetness without compromising on health.
  • Protein-Packed: The inclusion of Chana adds a protein boost to your snack, making it a wholesome and satisfying choice.

Storage Instructions:

To maintain the freshness and quality of Gur Chana, store it in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Ensure the packaging is sealed properly to preserve the delightful taste and texture.


  • Gur (Date Palm Jaggery): A natural sweetener with a rich, caramel-like flavor, packed with essential minerals.
  • Chana (Chickpeas): A protein-rich legume that provides a satisfying crunch and nutritional benefits.

Shelf Life:

Enjoy the delightful combination of Gur and Chana for 3months, The carefully sealed packaging ensures that you can savor the goodness whenever you desire.

Indulge guilt-free in the wholesome goodness of Gur Chana by Adya Organics, where the simplicity of natural ingredients meets the satisfaction of a delicious, nutritious snack.

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  • Natural Sweetness: Gur, derived from date palm, offers a sweet taste without the processed sugars, making it a healthier alternative.
  • Protein Boost: Chana contributes protein, aiding in muscle health and providing a satiating snack option.
  • Mineral-Rich: Gur is a source of essential minerals like iron, magnesium, and potassium, offering nutritional benefits along with sweetness.
  • Organic Assurance: Adya Organics prioritizes organic farming methods, ensuring a product free from harmful pesticides and chemicals


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What is Gur Chana by Adya Organics?

Gur Chana is a delightful snack crafted by Adya Organics, combining the natural sweetness of Gur (date palm jaggery) with the wholesome crunch of Chana (chickpeas).

Is Gur Chana organic?

Yes, Gur Chana is made with a commitment to organic farming practices, ensuring purity and sustainability.

What makes Gur Chana a healthier snack option?

Gur Chana stands out for its natural sweetness from Gur and the protein boost from Chana, offering a guilt-free and nutritious snacking experience.

How is Gur different from regular jaggery?

Gur is a traditional and pure form of jaggery derived from date palm sap, known for its rich, caramel-like flavor and essential mineral content.

What nutritional benefits does Chana (chickpeas) provide?

Chana is a protein-rich legume, adding a satisfying crunch to Gur Chana and contributing to its overall nutritional goodness.

Is Gur Chana free from harmful pesticides and chemicals?

Absolutely! Adya Organics ensures that Gur Chana is free from harmful pesticides and chemicals, making it a wholesome and safe snack.

How can I incorporate Gur Chana into my diet?

Gur Chana can be enjoyed as a standalone snack or added to yogurt, salads, or trail mixes for an extra burst of flavor and nutrition.

Can I buy Gur Chana online?

Yes, Gur Chana by Adya Organics is available for purchase online. Visit our website to order and have it delivered to your doorstep.

What is the shelf life of Gur Chana?

Gur Chana has a decent shelf life. For the best taste and freshness, it is recommended to consume it within the specified time mentioned on the packaging.

Are there any allergens in Gur Chana?

Gur Chana is made with simple and natural ingredients. However, individuals with allergies should carefully review the product’s ingredient list to ensure compatibility with their dietary needs.

10 reviews for Gur Chana
  1. Nishant Shah

    This Gur Chana makes a simple, healthy-ish treat for my tongue, and yes, I love the fact that it’s great for my overall body, too.

  2. Umang Katyal

    I have recently switched from usual chips and popcorn to Gur Chana, and trust me, I don’t regret my decision.

  3. Parmendra Singh

    This combination of proteins and natural sugars gives me an instant energy boost. I love it.

  4. Pukhraj Bhullar

    I have always wanted a homemade Gur Chana, but after tasting this dish, I can totally vouch for its nutrition and taste.

  5. Shamiksha

    The snack that never gets old. Jaggery’s natural sweetness paired with chana’s earthy crunch – a timeless combination that stands the test of snack time. Perfect for those moments when I want a treat that’s both satisfying and delicious.

  6. Sarthak Chouhan

    My sweet and savory symphony in a handful. The perfect balance of jaggery sweetness and crunchy chana – a snack that hits all the right notes. A delightful treat for my taste buds.

  7. Gaurav Varshaney

    My snack-time favorite for a reason. The harmonious blend of jaggery and chana creates a snack that’s not just delicious but also hits the spot. Sweet, savory, and satisfying – a winning combination.

  8. Parmish Varma

    I think Gur Chana makes an ideal post-workout snack for me. The perfect combination of crunchy chickpeas and the sweetness of jaggery feels so delicious to eat.

  9. Sheetal Patel

    The flavor duo that steals the show. Jaggery sweetness embracing crunchy chana goodness – a match made in snack heaven. The addictive combination keeps me reaching for more, turning snack time into a sweet and savory celebration.

  10. Akriti Benwal

    Gur Chana, my go-to for a snack with a twist. The rich sweetness of jaggery and the satisfying crunch of chana create a treat that satisfies both sweet and savory cravings. An indulgence that leaves my taste buds singing.

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