frequently asked questions

  • Normal Ghee is made with cream or malai. Milk is converted into malai and thefurther process involves machinery.
  • A2 Ghee is made traditionally with Bilona method. Milk is converted into curd andtraditionally churned.
  • A2 ghee is easily digestible and light on stomach whereas normal ghee is quiteheavy.
  • A2 ghee is made only using the milk of indigenous cows like Gir, Sahiwal, Kankrejwhile normal ghee is made out of foreign breeds like Hfs, Jersey cows.
  • We use approx. 30 litres of cow’s milk to make 1 litre of A2 ghee.
  • The colour of the ghee may differ since cow’s feed changes every season and theghee is handmade.
  • A2 ghee is loaded with A2 Protein and prepared using traditional methods. Our ghee is 100% pure, Danedar and hand made.
  • Ghee can be in solid or liquid state, this does not make it loose it’s authenticity, taste, shelf life and quality.
  • Solid ghee can be a reason of changed temperatures. For ex: In winters, it is
  • possible that ghee solidifies but it is completely safe to consume.
  • A2 Milk is procured from indigenous/ Desi cows and contains A2 protein.
  • A2 Milk is a rich source of vitamins and minerals good for the bones, eyes and skin. It can also be consumed by lactose intolerant patients, when recommended by doctor.
  •  Our A2 milk is completely pure and organic. Our cows are free-grazers and are fed with organic fodder only.
  • A1 milk is derived from non indigenous cows like jersey, Hfs.
  • A1 milk is comparatively heavy and not easy to digest.
  • Weevils in rice is a positive sign!
  • Fresh and Natural produce will go rancid or infested more quickly than store bought processed food.
  • Rice, Wheat flour contains natural oils which is missing in the conventionally grown thus it leads to infestation.
  • You can easily clean the rice by sieving it and keeping it under the sunlight.
  • Our Dheki Rice is de-husked using a dheki or an okhli like our ancestors used to do it during ancient times.
  • We use best quality inhouse grown sona masuri paddy which is easy to cook and delicious in taste.
  • Dheki rice takes approximately same time as our normal rice. You may pressure cook the rice after soaking them in water for atleast 60 minutes.
  • The rice is naturally de-husked, thus all the essential nutrients are remains intact with authentic flavour.
  • Bull driven oils are extracted through wood pressing technique in our farm. The oil is procured traditionally in a Ghani.
  • We have a wooden Ghani with a babool roller installed in our Bihar farm. The process is carried out in a heat controlled environment which makes sure that all the nutrients remain intact including the flavour, aroma and taste.
  • Cold/Wood pressing technique results in only 30% oils from the seeds. We only use first pressed oil and rest is used for fodder.
  • We use ancient method which quite rare nowadays. Other brands mostly use motor for extraction through which they get more oil
  • Crystallization is a natural and spontaneous process.
  •  Raw and organic honey tends to get crystallize because of glucose and frutcose content which is naturally present in the honey. Honey crystallization varies from honey to honey depending on the natural sugar composition, temperature, nectar collected and so on.
  •  Crystallisation does not affect the quality, taste or aroma of the honey. It only changes the texture and colour of the honey.
  •  Solution – Some people prefer having the crystallise honey as a spread while others want the same liquid state which can be recovered back if the honey is placed under the sunlight or boil it in a glass bowl on medium flame.
  • Mustard honey is derived from mustard flowers and is a mono floral honey.
  •  The honey is high on glucose content which makes it solid and thicker in texture. This is a natural process.
  • It has a tinge of mustard and completely raw! All the honeys are derived from our own uttrakhand based farms and if required we only procure forest honey from certified vendors.
  • Don’t confuse yourself by comparing it with wax.
  • YES! Our cookies are completely guilt free and a healthy snack.
  • Our cookies contain multigrain like ragi, bajra, moong dal, kala chana powder, flaxseed powder etc combined with A2 butter and sweetened with date palm jaggery.
  •  3 flavours of our cookies ; coconut, til and jeera cookies contain a very little amount of semolina or sooji which makes these flavours non gluten free but we have a Gluten free range of cookies as well – Immunity booster cookies.
  • Date palm jaggery is procured from the sap of the dates tree. It is made from the dates juice.
  • The process involves sun drying and hand crushing without any use of machinery.
  •  It works as a sugar replacer in many dishes and beverages
  • Yes, We can!
  • For Hot drinks, we suggest not to add jaggery powder while boiling and add it to your cups or mugs directly.
  • Yes, We do!
  • Below Rs 2000/- we charge a nominal delivery charge of Rs 100/- and above Rs 2000/- delivery is free.
  • Yes, We do!
  • Delivery charges depends on the location
  • For oils, ghee, jaggery, honey we only use glass bottles.
  • For cookies, rice, flours we use recyclaple packaging
  • We try to use minimum plastic.
  • Sattu is made up of Roasted chana – Stonegrounded and completely handmade.
  • Besan is made up of Raw Chana – Stonegrounded and completely handmade.
  • Sattu powder can be used in a multiple of ways: Sattu chilla, Salty sattu drink, Sweet sattu drink, Sattu laddu, Parantha Stuffing, Sattu pancakes.
  • Yes, we have our own website – www.adyaorganics.com
  • We are also available on Amazon, Flipkart, Qtrove, YCL – Luke’s curated platform, Palate, Distacart (mostly for international orders).
  • Gau kripa Amrit – Buttermilk, gau mutra, gur, water
  • Jeev amrit – Buttermilk, gau mutra, gur, water, besan,
  • Growth promoter – mustard cake
  •  Matka Khaad
  • We sterilize the bottles well once they are delivered back to our warehouse.
  • We use organic dishwasher and thoroughly clean the bottles.
  • Rusted caps are also changed time to time.
  • We deliver milk in Delhi NCR, Patna and Dehradun.
  • Currently delivering in South Delhi, Noida.
  • Yes!
  • MTs – We are available at Foodhall, Modern Bazaar
  • Local stores – Holistic Basket(Kolkata), Saukhyam(Goa), Pal lifeware(Bhubneshwar), Hello organics(Pune), Farme se(Ahmedabad),The farmer store(Mumbai), 9to 9(Bihar),
  • Retailer margin – 25-30%
  • Distributor margin – 35-38%
  1. A2 Ghee
  2. Besan
  3. Sharbati atta
  4. Cookies – Til, Jeera, Coconut, Gluten free
  5. Basmati rice
  6. Sonamasuri rice
  7. Turmeric powder
  8. Ginger powder
  9. Date jaggery powder