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Nothing makes food more delicious than a dollop of pure A2 Gir cow ghee. Right from traditional desserts to crispy savories and the regular steamed rice and fluffy rotis, everything tastes better with ghee.

Adya Organics’ A2 Gir cow ghee is made with A2 grade milk procured from purebred grass-fed Gir cows from our farms in Dehradun. The cows are healthy and have better immunity, and pass on these qualities to their milk, and ultimately this ghee.

Instead of an ultra-processed machine-made ghee, this A2 Gir cow ghee is made using the traditional bilona method. We boil milk in earthen pots on wood and fire. It is then left overnight to cool and curdle. The curdled milk is then churned using a wooden churner to separate the buttermilk to extract 100% pure ghee.

What you get is a rich-tasting, textured, and golden-colored superfood, which keeps you healthy and rejuvenated.

Why is A2 Gir cow ghee unique?

  •     This ghee is prepared mindfully in small batches to keep its freshness and nutritive value intact. 
  •     It is made using the bilona method and is untouched by hand. 
  •     The ghee is 100% pure and free of toxins, preservatives, artificial colors, and chemicals. 


The ghee comes packed in a glass jar to keep its quality intact. Store it at room temperature. The ghee should not be kept in direct sunlight. The ghee stays fresh for 12 months. 

How to use:

  •     Use the A2 Gir cow ghee in high-temperature cooking methods like roasting, baking, frying, and grilling.
  •     Apply it directly on skin and hair to improve their luminosity and health.
  •     Drizzle it on rice, rotis, and dals to elevate their taste. 


The ghee is made using pure A2 milk.

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  • A2 Gir cow ghee is an important source of omega-3 and 6, carbohydrates, vitamins A, E, and K, and saturated fats.
  • Keeps you energetic throughout the day and prevents sluggishness.
  • Helps promote digestive health by removing toxins and encouraging the secretion of digestive acids.
  • A2 Gir cow ghee is rich in butyric acid, which enhances your metabolism and helps you lose weight.
  • Keeps your skin healthy and free of inflammation and blemishes.
  • Rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds to keep your nervous system and heart healthy.
  • Excellent for easing joint pain.
  • It helps you sleep better and prevents insomnia.


Delicious Gur ka Chawal using our A2 cow ghee, date palm jaggery, and hand-pound rice.


  • This winter indulge in your sweet tooth cravings the healthy way with Adya Organics
  • Their products are 100% organic, healthy, and preservatives-free
  • We made some delicious Gur ka Chawal using our A2 cow ghee
  • date palm jaggery, and hand-pound rice
  • The recipe is very simple and quick to make yet highly nutritious.

Credit- Dr.Meera Fathima


What is A2 Gir cow ghee?

A2 Gir cow ghee is a type of ghee that is made from the milk of Gir cows, which is a breed of cattle that originates from the Gir Forest region of Gujarat, India. Ghee is a type of clarified butter that is made by simmering butter to remove the milk solids and water, leaving behind pure, golden-yellow butterfat. A2 Gir cow ghee is considered to be of a higher quality than regular ghee, as it is made from the milk of a purebred Gir cow. This breed of cow is known for producing milk that is rich in nutrients, such as beta-casein A2 protein, which is believed to be easier to digest and may have health benefits. A2 Gir cow ghee is commonly used in Indian cuisine and traditional Ayurvedic medicine.

Why A2 ghee is costly?

A2 Gir cow ghee is considered to be more expensive than regular ghee because it is made from the milk of purebred Gir cows, which are known for producing milk that is rich in nutrients, such as beta-casein A2 protein. This protein is believed to be easier to digest and may have health benefits. The cost of obtaining purebred Gir cow milk is higher than the cost of obtaining milk from crossbred cows, which is used to make regular ghee. Additionally, the process of making A2 Gir cow ghee is more labor-intensive and time-consuming than making regular ghee. The cows are typically grass-fed and not treated with hormones or antibiotics, which makes it more expensive. The ghee is also typically made in small batches using traditional methods, which contributes to its higher cost.

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67 reviews for A2 Gir Cow Ghee
  1. Supriya Sekhawat

    Even though it’s pricier than other Ghees, I still can’t get enough of this product. Good one!

  2. Radhika Seni

    I use A2 Ghee as a cooking oil. It brings out the natural sweetness beautifully. I highly recommend this product for its taste and benefits.

  3. Kesav Paul

    As a person constantly suffering from digestive issues, A2 Ghee is my savior. I simply love this product.

  4. Suman Bahughuna

    I love A2 Ghee for its nutritional benefits. Particularly this one, I like to add it as a dollop to my cooked veggies. It tastes perfect

  5. Suneetha Reddy

    A2 Ghee, my kitchen sidekick! Golden color, delightful aroma – like cooking with sunshine. Turns lazy meals into gourmet wonders. Cheers to affordable luxury on a budget!

  6. Maitri Singh

    A hidden treasure, A2 Ghee! From grass-fed cows to meticulous preparation, it’s pure buttery goodness. The rich, pure vibe turns cooking into a serious affair. A2 Ghee – where taste meets perfection.

  7. Rama Rangnatham

    A hidden treasure, A2 Ghee! From grass-fed cows to meticulous preparation, it’s pure buttery goodness. The rich, pure vibe turns cooking into a serious affair. A2 Ghee – where taste meets perfection.

  8. Milan Joseph

    A2 Ghee, my kitchen superhero! Creamy, nutty magic that elevates every dish. Spill-proof packaging for stress-free cooking. Cheers to affordable luxury and guilt-free indulgence!

  9. Bhagya Soni

    Move over regular fats; A2 Ghee is the new star. Smooth, nutty, and lactose-free, it’s guilt-free indulgence. My kitchen sidekick for lazy meals turned gourmet delights. A2 Ghee – turning ordinary into extraordinary effortlessly.

  10. Prem Shukla

    A2 Ghee is pure kitchen gold. It’s my secret weapon, turning mundane meals into culinary masterpieces. The spill-proof packaging is a genius touch, preventing kitchen disasters. A2 Ghee – the shortcut to gourmet wonders without breaking the bank!

  11. Soni Chauhan

    Thank you so much for making such ghee. My children eat roti only when I spread this ghee on the roti.

  12. Kirthee Reddy

    This traditional style ghee is what makes it different.

  13. Samaksh Rajput

    We tried it first time and everyone at my palace loves it.

  14. Ananya Reddy

    A2 Ghee is basically my kitchen sidekick now. The golden color, the smell – it’s like cooking with sunshine. And the best part? It turns even my lazy, simple meals into something that looks like it’s straight out of a fancy cookbook. Cheers to gourmet wonders on a budget!

  15. Arjun Singh

    Move over, regular fats! A2 Ghee is now the star in my kitchen. It’s smooth, smells like a dream, and the fact that it’s lactose-free? Game-changer. I can now indulge guilt-free in my favorite buttery dishes without the stomachache. Winning!

  16. Sumit Dashmana

    I like the ghee v much, it has a flavour that’s missing in other brands.

  17. Neha Sharma

    I stumbled upon A2 Ghee, and I feel like I’ve found a hidden treasure. Grass-fed cows? Meticulous preparation? It’s like they’ve bottled up the essence of happy cows and turned it into this buttery goodness. My taste buds are forever grateful.

  18. Aryan Patel

    So, I’m no pro chef, but A2 Ghee makes me feel like one. It’s got this rich, pure vibe that turns my cooking into a serious business. I even did a little happy dance the first time I used it. Don’t judge; it’s that good.

  19. Sanyasi Rao Salepu

    A2 Ghee is like the kitchen superhero I never knew I needed! Seriously, it’s this creamy, nutty magic that turns my regular meals into something way fancier. And can we talk about that spill-proof packaging? Finally, no more accidental ghee disasters in the kitchen. It’s the little things, you know?

  20. Parul Sharma

    this is the best ghee till date. We ordered first botte in diwali and our guests loved it so much now they also order it from Adya Organic only.

  21. Malaimagal

    A2 Ghee, my kitchen sidekick! Its golden hue and irresistible fragrance make cooking a joy, turning the simplest dishes into gourmet wonders.

  22. Mohammad Azad

    Move over, ordinary fats! A2 Ghee steals the spotlight with its smooth consistency, heavenly aroma, and guilt-free, lactose-free indulgence.

  23. Sethuramani

    A2 Ghee turns ordinary meals into gourmet delights! Its velvety texture and nutty undertones elevate every dish, and the spill-proof packaging is a game-changer.

  24. Prem Sehrawat

    A2 Ghee is a masterpiece in a jar – from grass-fed A2 cow’s milk to meticulous preparation, it’s a rich, buttery delight that enhances any dish.

  25. Manikuntala

    A culinary magic wand, A2 Ghee brings a symphony of flavor to my recipes. The richness and purity make it a must-have for serious home chefs.

  26. Gotam Raval

    There’s absolutely no hint of acidity, and the packaging is top-notch.

  27. Geeta Singh

    Wow, A2 Ghee is a real treat for the taste buds! The rich, authentic flavor is simply delightful. What’s even better is its natural purity – no artificial aromas or chemicals added.

  28. Jaideep Rana

    I like it most because of no acidity. Packing is good. No leakage. No liquidity of ghee. Used in one month. No bad smell.

  29. Kesav Kumar

    I love the quality and scent.

  30. Kapil rawat

    Taste is good and is not artificially aromatic.

  31. Vibha Subhash

    Nice and rich taste, no added aroma enhanced chemicals, danedar ghee , good for children

  32. Nirav Monga

    I’ve tried many ghee products, but this A2 Ghee stands out.

  33. Samrat Singh

    It’s a game-changer in my cooking, adding a wholesome and natural flavor to my dishes.

  34. Sudanshu Panday

    I can’t help but gush about the exceptional quality and delightful scent of this A2 Ghee. It’s become a staple in my kitchen, elevating the flavor of every dish I prepare.

  35. Pravin Verma

    I was recommended Gir Cow A2 Milk Ghee by my doctor to keep my heart healthy. I researched and ordered from Adya Organics after reading about the company and other customer reviews. It’s truly the best ghee. My whole family is using it now

  36. Ayush Minocha

    Ghee is mistaken by some to be harmful but I must tell you that it’s not the desi ghee. And if you can get the Gir Cow A2 Milk Ghee, nothing is better than that. I recently ordered it from Adya Organics website and have been using it. It’s the best ghee in terms of quality, texture and taste.

  37. Hitika kathuria

    Best organic ghee in market

  38. Ajmet Singh

    t was amazing to find ghee that is prepared with the traditional Bilona method. Who does that today? Kudos to Adya Organics for preparing ghee made with natural processing and from the A2 grade milk.

  39. Dipak Parmar

    The Adya Organics ghee is so tasty that I add it to every dish and use it on every chapati. The best part is its health benefits and safety for consumption.

  40. Vikash Sharma

    After trying a lot of products, I finally got the ghee my family loves and savors. The fact that it is prepared with the natural extraction process with the Bilona method, the Gir Cow A2 Milk Ghee has a fantastic taste and is rich in nutrients.

  41. Keval Patel

    100% satisfied with the quality of this ghee.

  42. Anil Varma

    This is my second purchase. Excellent quality.

  43. Seema Anand

    I was not much of a ghee person till I got introduced to Adya Organics A2 ghee. I realized then that ghee can actually be so tasty. On a visit to their farm the sight that I saw was pampered, well cared for cows. There was so much care taken for the well being of the cows. What really impressed me was that even the cow herds were people who had being doing it for generations. All I can say is “happy cow, great ghee”

  44. Mehir

    Nice A2 Milk Ghee. The product was well packaged and delivered on time.Good Experience, i am recommended.

  45. Tahir Malek (verified owner)

    This a2 milk ghee is really pure and the taste is awesome.. Packaging is so unique.. I am in love with them, i am recommended.

  46. Sudhir Sundriyal

    Gir Cow A2 Milk Ghee is really good , its pure cow’s ghee, many goodness in this ghee, natural smell, healthy, lite, made with traditional theory, i am recommended for those who really want to buy good and healthy ghee

  47. Mahima Mehta

    So happy to finally consume ghee which will be beneficial for the body. Adya Organics, you got me hooked on for life.

  48. Nitika Anand

    The A2 ghee is not only healthier for me but I honestly prefer the taste! I have been eating it daily ever since I got it! My absolute favorite is the raw organic Honey! It’s hands down the best honey locally produced in India! I can taste the purity and exceptional quality of their products. I think I’ve found my ghee and honey suppliers for life!

  49. Deepak Bajaj

    When the ghee is so pure, after consuming for few weeks you can feel it being absorbed by every part of the body. I think my blood group just turned from B positive to Ghee Positive !!

  50. Gunjan Dutta

    Big shoutout to Adya Organics. Best Ghee in the world!!

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