Adya Organics has been inspired by the ancient Indian practice of eating pure and natural foods. The company believes in the power and efficacy of traditional method offer unadulterated products for the modern population.

Ideated by Mr. R.K Sinha, a Rajya Sabha MP, entrepreneur and founder of multi-faceted business conglomerate SIS Group Enterprises, Adya Organics is committed to promising a healthy future for coming generations.

Mr. R.K. Sinha is assisted by his daughter in law-Pallavi Sinha, experienced and seasoned in the field of marketing by profession. She has taken care of modernising the ancient practices, handling the daily operations and marketing of the company. As a mother of three she understands the importance of creating a healthy lifestyle for children and believes in going back to organic roots for a better future.

Stuff We Do Best

Traditional Knowledge: 100%
Manufacturing Standards: 100%
Products Variation: 100%

About Us


The story of Adya Organics dates back to the year 2001. The brand started as a dairy for catering to the demand of unadulterated dairy products for our group’s IPS boarding school. Back then, the dairy was operated on a small scale and produced products such as milk, curd, butter, cot-tage cheese, desi ghee would be used for the school’s requirements. Whatever excess that remained was distributed among family members or were supplied to the local markets.

Over time, the demand for our products increased due to our sheer focus on producing unadulterated and organic dairy products. Local communities started using dairy products by Adya Organics, thus fueling our growth journey today. Adya Organics produce high quality A2 ghee along with several other products like raw honey and cold pressed oils to satiate the demand for pure organic products.

Adya Organics operates 4 farms in the country currently-nestled in the foothills of Dehradun and others extremely close to nature in Bihar, UP & Jharkhand with an area of over 100 acres. Our farms are known to follow traditional farming 8L churning practices inspired completely by Vedic Practices.

Our aim is to be inclusive and have local farmer communities in assisting us in sustaining these farm’s.
It is our endless effort to provide and create jobs to these farmers and also through Adya Organics we
have attempted to create a platform for them to sell there naturally grown produce.

Our traditional processes with a strict vigil on following hygienic practices, Make our products superior than various other products in the market. Along with A2 Milk & A2 Ghee we also have a line of Raw unprocessed Honey at our Bees Farms, various oils and edible products like 100% natural Sattu and Jaggery Powder.

Adya Organics in collaboration with renowned Holistic Lifestyle Coach Luke Coutinho have launched Luke’s Honestly Sweet. A range of raw & unprocessed honey and Jaggery recommended by Luke himself.

Our vision for the brand has and will be to create a healthier future making our products the healthiest for human consumption.

Adya Organics Food, What You Need To Know

International Standards with an Indian Touch

All our processes are at par with global hygiene and quality standards while being inspired by traditional natural Vedic practices.

Our Mission

Adya Organics aims to build a healthier future for generations by providing unadulterated and organic products.

Purity Promise

Adya Organics prides on quality and focus on purity. We are committed to offering 100% pure dairy and other products.