About Us

Adya Organics is on a mission to create healthier lifestyle by making organic food a part of your living. We religiously believe and follow Hippocrates’ mantra of, “Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food”. Our vision has always been not to just create a healthier lifestyle but also to build an inclusive, sustainable and transparent community!


Luke Coutinho, practices in the field of Holistic Nutrition and Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine. He is the pioneer and founder of the You Care Wellness Program that has consulted and treated over 20,000 patients across the globe with cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, cardiovascular, autoimmune conditions, obesity, and rare metabolic syndromes. This holistic and integrative lifestyle program revolves around five fundamental pillars – Cellular Nutrition, Adequate Exercise, Quality Sleep, Emotional Detox, and the Spirit. It has now stemmed into a beautiful community with over a million people. Thousands of global testimonials express how his free videos, blogs, challenges, and programs have helped people reverse diabetes, lose fat the right way, put cancers into remission, and overcome suicidal tendencies to live happier lives.

He has authored four bestsellers and won several national and international awards. He is also the Champion for Lifestyle and Wellness for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Fit India Movement. You Care Lifestyle, India’s trusted sustainable e-commerce platform co-founded by Luke brings ethical, transparent, and honest products with a farmers-first concept. He is also the founder and chief program mentor for Integrative Nutrition and Dietetics courses at the Lifeness Science Institute (LSI) that skills passionate young minds.

Collaboration With LUKE

Adya Organics and Luke Coutinho share same passion and enthusiasm for Organic Food and Healthy Lifestyle. With our strong product development capabilities and Luke’s expertise in the Health and Wellness domain, all new unique recipes and products will be Curated by Luke Coutinho for a healthier and sustainable lifestyle.

Pallavi with Luke

Of The People, By The People, For The People

We do believe that a change cannot be brought with mere ideas. It is the people who make it happen. We exist because of the hard work that our team members and farmers put into our Organic farms and production areas. Adya Organics believes that women are no less than men and therefore ensures that our staff represents both genders. We also buy produce from several women-groups near our farms so that we can encourage them to earn a living, thereby, also providing you with local and authentic taste in our products. The women at Adya Organics are our backbone, and we truly appreciate their presence and hard work. Without them, Adya Organics wouldn’t have its unique identity.

Likewise, our farmers are our pride. By connecting with them at the base level, we bring you a step closer to healthy and organic food. We love supporting them and appreciate the support they lend to us at Adya Organics. Together, we vouch to build a healthier future

Adya Farmer

We Are Honest Farmers

Our products are 100% organic, pure, natural, unadulterated, preservative-free and chemical-free. We understand that the terms such as “natural”, “organic” or “ayurvedic” are used very loosely by everyone these days. So, it becomes difficult for consumers to identify what is actually good for them and what is not. And how is Adya Organics any different?

We call ourselves honest farmers because we believe in honest and transparent food practices. We are also licensed and accredited by FSSAI, India Organic, USDA, USOCA, and BSOCA, making us your one-stop destination for organic food.

We Care For You

If you are one of those people who think buying organic is expensive, think about all the money you’re going to save by not getting ill so frequently and in the long run. We wish for your healthy being and by choosing an organic lifestyle, we can help you achieve exactly that. Especially after COVID, we are now changing our eating patterns and lifestyle to make ourselves survive the pandemic. And why not? We are what we eat. With the increasing use of chemical fertilizers, preservatives, and adulterations in our food, we have forgotten what pure food felt like. Adya Organics is precisely solving that problem by bringing organic to your doorstep.


21 Years Of a Relationship Serving You and More to…

Rewinding the clocks to 2001, our brand was back then a dairy which provided unadulterated dairy products to the IPS boarding school. At that time, it was the school that consumed most of our produce and the rest was sent to the local markets nearby. With the passage of time, the demand for our products started rising as the local communities started recognizing it.

From being a gaushala to now having 4 farms in the country, we have come a long way. Our farms are situated in the foothills of Dehradun, Bihar, UP and Jharkhand where we foster each and every product with care and purity. We follow hygienic and traditional farming practices inspired completely by Vedic Practices at our farms. We produce high quality A2 ghee, milk and butter, along with several other products like raw honey, healthy sugar-free cookies, gluten-free flours, cold pressed oils etc. We are trying to build a space for local farmers to help them grow immensely by bringing them under the roof of Adya Organics, and providing them with employment opportunities & financial stability. We wish to build an inclusive community of local farmers and continue to serve as a medium for them to sell their produce.

Chairman- Mr. R.K Sinha

Transforming Passion Into a Movement!

Mr. R.K Sinha, the chairman of Adya Organics comes with the ideology of making “POISON-FREE FOOD” accessible to common people. He is an Ex-Member of Parliament, an entrepreneur, and founder of multi-faceted business conglomerate SIS Group Enterprises. Even after being a successful entrepreneur and a political personality, he never lost touch with his soil. According to him, the soil is the most important element of human life. If the soil isn’t adequate enough, nothing else will be fruitful. And if something comes from unadulterated soil, it will not be nutritious enough. His passion and love for growing chemical-free vegetables himself led to generation of this idea of organic farming.

About US

A Mother’s Labour of Love

Assisting and serving as a backbone of Adya Organics is his daughter-in-law, Mrs Pallavi Sinha who is the Managing Director of the company. As a mother of three children, she believes in building a healthier future not just for her kids, family, friends, but also for the present and future generations. Right from the selection of the quality ingredients from the organic farms, defining the recipes of products, and turning them into safest and purest way fit for consumption, she takes care of it all. She radiates such an inspiration and strongly leads the force responsible for putting this ideology of ‘CREATING A HEALTHIER FUTURE’ into action at Adya Organics.


We Have Also Tied Up With Aasra Trust

We have also tied up with Aasra Trust, a social work trust focusing on education of underprivileged children. By trying our best to engage in such activities, we are determined to support girl child education there.