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Made from stone-ground 100% pure channa, Adya Organics Sattu Powder will chill your spirit. Organic Sattu is beneficial for a variety of reasons but its chief benefit is providing coolness to your stomach. This Chana Sattu Powder can be used as energy drink for a day long work. It can be mixed in water or milk, based on preference, to make a cold beverage for summer. Being one of the most healthy and thirst-quenching drinks, it also helps regulate blood sugar levels.

The best thing about Sattu flour is that it is ideal for diabetic patients as it is low in glycemic content which indicates that it doesn’t cause blood sugar levels to rise.

Sattu Channa is also great for people who have gluten-intolerance. There is absolutely no gluten present in the black channa from which the Sattu powder is obtained. Hence, this superfood takes care of people whose body is unable to digest gluten. Sattu Channa can also be consumed post-workout as a protein drink as it is hydrating and is known to boost energy levels.

Adya Organics Sattu Powder recommended by Luke Coutinho and is obtained by uniquely roasting Black Channa using the dry-roasting method so that none of the nutrients are lost in the process. The Black Channa used for obtaining Sattu is brought from the Bahiyara farm in Bihar, where Sattu is widely used. The dry-roasted channa is later put to grind by stone.

With a belief in building a healthy future for the coming generations, we have been working towards the goal of offering traditional and unadulterated necessity products to its customers since 2001. We take pride to be known for our 100% pure, organic and natural ways of manufacturing

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  • 100% pure chana sattu obtained using the stone-ground method
  • Organic Sattu Atta is Gluten-free and has High Protein
  • Enriched with calcium, fibers and several vitamins & minerals
  • A superfood packed with absolute immunity boosting and energy giving nutrients
  • Low sodium and glycemic content
  • Regulates blood sugar levels and controls diabetes
  • Sattu on an empty stomach helps remove bad bacteria from your intestine and improves digestion.
  • Its cooling properties make it a perfect summer drink


Easiest Recipe Sattu Ka Halwa Made Using Adya Organics Natural & Organic Ingredients


  • Adya Organics 100% Pure Chana Sattu rich in Protein & Fibre. It’s a indigenous super food, provides Energy & is also good for people with Diabetes
  • Adya Organics A2 Ghee extracted from nutritious A2 Grade Milk. It boosts your metabolism, rich in Omega-3 & very easily digestible.
  • Adya Organics Date Palm Jaggery with no added Sugar, Natural Chemical Free & also Vegan.
  • Adya Organics Raw Unprocessed Multi Flora Honey with no Antibiotics & a Natural Energy Booster
  • In a Pan, add 1 Tbsp A2 Ghee & roast 1 Cup of Dry Fruits like Pistachio, Almonds & Cashews.
  • As the Dry Fruits turn Golden Brown, add 1 Tbsp of Raw Unprocessed Honey. Toss it well & take it down.
  • Now in the same Pan, add 2 Tbsp of A2 Ghee & 4 Tbsp of Chana Sattu. Roast it well till it turns light Brown.
  • Then add Guilt Free 2 Tsp Date Palm Sugar & mix it well.
  • Slowly add Hot Water & check consistency of Halwa. It shouldn’t be dry.
  • Finally add Roasted Dry Fruits & 1/2 Tsp of Elaichi Powder (totally optional)
  • Protein Packed Sattu Halwa is ready to Serve. You can garnish it with 1/2 Tbsp of Raw Unprocessed Honey. It adds a very nice glaze to it.

Credit- gourmetmusafir

  • Step 1:  Save this Recipe & definitely try it out. It’s super Healthy & even Gluten-free.
  • Step 2:  Absolutely loved the products from Adya Organics. I liked the fact that they promote the practice of eating Natural & Healthy Soulful Food sourced directly from their Organic Farms
11 reviews for Organic Sattu Powder
  1. Sudhir Sundriyal

    Very tasty sattu; properly roasted unlike some others available here. The only minus is that the cost is on the higher side as compared to other brands.

  2. Tahir Malek

    Google Quality, Pure Sattu, I have used this product.

  3. Avinash Gupta

    This is a very good product and packaging is also good. Its Healthy.

  4. Shanaya

    Loved the taste. MUST BUY! I love to make my ladoos with this sattu and even with their A2 gir cow ghee. YUM:)

  5. Priya singh

    Love my sattu ladoos even more after buying this pure sattu!!!

  6. Anis Arch

    The quality is really good. Appreciate the seller. Genuine and as far as I can say no chemicals mixed.

  7. Aman Shah

    One of the pack was open, good quality. i revived best sattu by adya oragnics.

  8. Kumar Shrinath

    Sattu is a food that is superbly rich in nutrients and fibers. But I wasn’t able to feel the benefits after consuming, but that was only until I got the Adya Organics Sattu. After using their Sattu, I can see the results, and it’s great.

  9. Shirish Mishra

    Not every Sattu is pure and natural. When I tried Sattu from Adya Organics, I was totally satisfied and happy. As they claim, it is completely organic and healthy. The best part is, it is recommended by the global lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho. What else do I need

  10. Manish Gupta

    Often I used the best claimed Sattu available in the market. But somewhere the taste is compromised. When I used Adya Organics Sattu, I rediscovered the taste of Sattu. Its so good that I don’t think I would be able to prefer any other brand.

  11. Indranil Majumdar (verified owner)

    Really nice product. So fine , easily soluble , easily digestible . A great natural plant protein powder . Only a request to Adyaorgsnics to decrease its price so thay common people csn also intake it .

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