Light and Nutritious Summer Meals: Stoneground Chana Sattu for Energy on the Go


Beat the heat with light, delicious, and energizing meals this summer!  Stoneground Chana Sattu, a nutritious flour made from roasted Bengal gram (chickpeas), offers a perfect solution.

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Cool Down with Chana Sattu:

  • Natural Cooling Effect: Stoneground Chana Sattu is traditionally known for its cooling properties, making it a refreshing choice for hot summer days.
  • Packed with Protein: It’s a complete protein source, providing all essential amino acids your body needs, keeping you feeling full and energized throughout the day.
  • Dietary Fiber Champion: High in fiber, Chana Sattu promotes gut health, aids digestion, and may contribute to weight management by promoting feelings of satiety.

Beyond the Basics: Creative Chana Sattu Meals:

  • Sattu Drink: This refreshing beverage made with Chana Sattu, water, and spices is perfect for hydration and a quick energy boost.
  • Savory Salads: Add a protein and fiber punch to your summer salads with a sprinkle of Chana Sattu.
  • Light and Flavorful Dips: Create healthy dips for crudités or wraps using Chana Sattu as a base.

Convenience on the Go:

  • Pre-portioned Packs: Look for travel-friendly, pre-portioned Chana Sattu packets for a convenient and mess-free way to enjoy it on the go.
  • Quick and Easy Meals: Chana Sattu requires minimal preparation, making it ideal for whipping up light and nutritious meals during busy summer days.

Embrace the Power of Chana Sattu:

Stoneground Chana Sattu offers a delicious, versatile, and convenient way to fuel your body with protein and essential nutrients throughout the hot summer months.  Explore its culinary possibilities, experience its potential health benefits, and discover a cool and refreshing way to stay energized on the go!