Date Palm Jaggery Powder

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400 gms

Made from the sap of naturally grown date palms, Adya Organics Date Palm Jaggery Powder is a great energy booster with low calories. It is rich in essential vitamins like Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6, and B12 with no added sugar. Date Jaggery is key to a healthy lifestyle for it lessens the chances of becoming diabetic. Date Palm Jaggery acts as a healthy sweetener and is a natural alternative to cane or refined sugar. Also known as Date Palm Jaggery Nolen Gur in Bengali, which means ‘new jaggery’, it works as a sugar replacer in many dishes and beverages.

Jaggery is one of the most common forms of sugar that has continued to be in usage since ancient times. Date palm jaggery is one out of the many forms of jaggeries present in the market. Commonly known as ‘Khajur Gur’, the date jaggery is extremely beneficial if consumed during winters. It is a vegetarian product and 100% natural, pure and organic. The Date palm jaggery powder is produced by sun-drying date palms and then hand-crushing them without any machine usage.

With a belief in building a healthy future for the coming generations, we have been working towards the goal of offering traditional and unadulterated necessity products to its customers since 2001. We take pride to be known for our 100% pure, organic and natural ways of manufacturing.

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  • Date Jaggery naturally cleanses your body and aids in digestion.
  • Enriched with iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium.
  • Contains a pleasant aromatic smell of caramel
  • Can help reduce and improve indigestion and constipation.
  • Best Sugar replacer found to date.
  • 100% chemical and pesticide-free date palm jaggery

Date Palm Jaggery Powder is known to regulate your body temperature and cleanse your liver and stomach for better digestion. It is 100% organic, vegan, chemical and sugar-free.

This healthy sweetener can be added to the easiest of recipes ranging from tea to lemon water. Devour everything there is on your plate by adding Date Palm Jaggery to your Indian desserts like Carrot Halwa, Cakes, and Sandesh.


Nutty trail mix using the most natural ingredients from Adya Organics


  • A nutty trail mix using the most natural ingredients from Adya Organics
  • A quick and easy snack, delicious and most importantly healthy
  • Made using their A2 cow ghee, Date palm sugar, and Raw organic honey.

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13 reviews for Date Palm Jaggery Powder
  1. Sudhir Sundriyal

    Till now your service is good, products you are selling are excellent, very good personalised service. Hope it will remain the same in future too!!

  2. Excellent Products

    Excellent Products & Good personalised Service, Happy With Products.

  3. Ashtha Ashah

    Very very good product, The product is so nice and good smell,

  4. Amish Mahajn

    The product is good, Very Pure and nice test.

  5. Amish Mahajn

    super fast delivery, Product is Very Pure and nice test.

  6. Krish

    The delivery is very fast, and the product is completely organic and delicious. Truly creating a healthier future!

  7. Abhijit Dube

    The Date Palm Jaggery has a nice and mesmerising aroma and it tastes nothing like any other jaggery I have tried. Because it is prepared naturally, I take jaggery every day without any hesitation.

  8. Ajit Kumar

    The nutrients in the Date Palm Jaggery took my interest initially. It has iron, magnesium, potassium, calcium, and phosphorus. If that’s not all, the organic processing and nutrients make this jaggery a great product for my health.

  9. Sandip Rajput

    I was not expecting it to arrive so early, but thanks to the fast service, I consumed the Adya Organics Date Palm Jaggery only after a few days of ordering. It feels enriching, energetic, and luscious with every bite.

  10. Sanchit Madan

    Its date palm jaggery and packed into small convenient, easy to carry pouches. What more could I ask for? Now, whenever I get my tea or coffee, I get healthy and nutritious sweetness

  11. Nidhi

    I heard that not every sugar is vegan, so as it was time to switch to a more healthy option, my friend recommended my Adya Organics date palm jaggery sugar. Now that I have this amazing product, I don’t think I’ll need any other type of sugar.

  12. Renu Rawat

    My journey to weight loss got me a healthy sweet partner, when I got to know about Adya Organics date palm jaggery. The taste of the product is simply great. I was not sure about the taste, but after using it I liked it so much. Also I have seen considerable change in my energy levels.

  13. Geeta Bajaj

    It is difficult for me to avoid sugar, when I was diagnosed with borderline diabetes. Having a sweet tooth all my life, I was looking for healthy sweet options that I can consume without any fear. I used Adya Organics Date Palm Jaggery and got great results. Besides taste, it also contains ascorbic acid and essential multivitamins.

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