Red Rice


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Our Traditional Himalayan Hanpounded Red Rice is naturally grown and harvested in Narayankoti and other village clusters from Uttrakhand. The Rice is grown without any synthetic pesticides and GMOs. It is a short grained rice with wholesome flavour and lots of nutritional values. It’s cultivated using traditional methods like sun drying , handpounded manually without any machinery, cleaned, graded and manually packaged. The russet colour of the rice grain has a nutty flavour and very aromatic.

By purchasing a packet of this rice you are indirectly supporting the livelihood of many hard working women from Uttarakhand who lost everything during the devastating floods of 2013.

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  • Our himalayan red rice helps to cure body pain and eye disorders
  • It is a rich source of iron, phosphorous and other minerals.
  • A 100gms serving of Red rice contains 0% trans fat and sugar.
  • It’s a great source of fibres, vitamins and antioxidants.
  • It helps regulating and stabilising blood sugar levels.
  • It is believed that red rice helps in digestion and is even good for liver and kidneys.


How to Cook:
This is not a parboiled rice. They are raw and require 1 hour of soaking the rice before cooking. You can make delicious porridge, kheer, jeera rice, and even powdered rice goes well with warm milk for digestion.


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