Organic Jaggery Powder vs Refined Sugar: Which is Better for You?

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Sugar has been an integral part of food since ancestral times. It not just makes desserts taste better but also keeps your body fuelled with energy. However, in the last few decades, due to poor lifestyle choices, people around the world are experiencing the negative side effects of refined sugar.

These range from type-2 diabetes, heart diseases, obesity, dental, and even neurological problems.

This brings us to the best alternative to sugar- organic jaggery. With an increasing number of health experts recommending the use of organic jaggery, you need to know how and why it is better for your health.

This blog shares some fact-based information about organic jaggery and why you should switch to it today.

Why is organic jaggery a healthier alternative to sugar?

Both jaggery, also known as gur, and sugar are sweeteners that are derived from the same origin- sugarcane juice. The difference lies in their processing, which ultimately spells out their nutritional content and health benefits.

Sugar contains almost 99.9% sucrose and is stripped of its moisture, color, and nutrition to convert into the crystals that we see. These crystals are considered empty calories.

Jaggery on the other hand is less processed and made by boiling sugarcane juice till it becomes thick and sticky. It is dark in color and has a molasses-like thick consistency. Not to mention, that it has a delicious caramel-like flavor.

Organic jaggery takes these benefits to a newer level. It is unrefined and completely free of chemicals and preservatives.

Let’s look at some great science-backed reasons to swap refined sugar with organic jaggery:

It has a better nutritional content

Organic jaggery retains most of its nutritional content due to its unrefined nature that doesn’t involve extreme processing. Because of this, it keeps you healthier and prevents several deficiencies and diseases.

Here’s how the nutritional content in 100 grams each of organic jaggery and refined sugar compares:


Organic jaggery

Refined sugar


80 mg

1 mg

Vitamin A

3.8 mg

0 mg


160 mg

0 mg

Vitamin E

111.30 mg

0 mg


5.4 mg

0.01 mg


280 mg

0 mg

Improves your digestion

Consuming organic jaggery is an excellent natural way to activate a sluggish digestive system. It increases the production of digestive enzymes, which get converted into acetic acid.

This not just makes your digestion better but also prevents common problems like constipation, bloat, abdominal pain, etc.

Detoxifies the liver

At times, we get exposed to certain harmful substances that cause inflammation in the liver and lead to its damage. These include alcohol, nutritional supplements, and certain medicines that cause the liver to weaken.

Organic jaggery is a natural cleanser that drives away these toxins from your liver and keeps it healthy.

Enhances your immunity

Your immune system is the primary defense against diseases. One of the main reasons why some people experience low immunity is poor nutrition, other reasons being acquired infections and poor lifestyle choices.

Since organic jaggery contains several vital immunity-boosting nutrients such as zinc and selenium along with antioxidants, consuming it regularly improves your immunity in the long run.

Prevents anemia

People who don’t consume iron in adequate quantities or suffer from conditions such as infections, kidney disease, or autoimmune conditions such as lupus may get anemic.

Anemia often leads to severe fatigue, chest pain, light-headedness, cold hands and feet, and other discomforting symptoms. Organic jaggery is abundant in iron. When included in your diet, it enhances the production of red blood cells and prevents anemia. This is especially beneficial for growing children, older adults, and pregnant women.

Prevents respiratory problems

Smoking and long-term exposure to pollution and dust may lead to respiratory problems. These may range from breathing difficulties to more serious problems such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, pneumonia, pulmonary fibrosis, and the likes.

Studies have shown that organic jaggery acts as a lung cleanser and prevents respiratory problems.

How to choose the best organic jaggery?

Now that you know the benefits of organic jaggery, it is also important to know that you will gain these benefits if you choose the purest organic jaggery. Here are some ways to know if the jaggery is safe to consume:

  • The jaggery must be dark brown in color.
  • It shouldn’t have a salty or bitter taste.
  • There shouldn’t be any sugar crystals in the jaggery.
  • The packaging must mention the words ‘organic’ or ‘certified’.


Adya Organics’ organic jaggery ticks all these boxes. What’s more, our jaggery is curated by Luke Coutinho, the integrative health and lifestyle medicine specialist. Just like all our products, the jaggery is free of all nasties like toxins, chemicals, preservatives, and artificial flavors. Get in touch with us today to switch to 100% safe and natural products.