Organic foods to consume for a supercharged Navratri

Organic foods to consume for a supercharged Navratri

The auspicious nine days of Navratri festivities are just around the corner. This is the time when we choose to fast to appease Goddess Durga. It is believed that those who fast and practice self-discipline receive the Goddesses’ blessings. 

There is also a strong scientific reason that backs fasting. It is not just an effective way to detoxify your body, but as research suggests, it also reduces body weight, regulates blood pressure, and prevents several chronic conditions.

And what’s better than moving away from conventional foods to organic foods that are perfectly aligned with nature and have amazing health-boosting properties?

This blog talks about some of the best organic foods to have for a healthy and supercharged Navratri.

Organic foods during Navratri- Why are they the best choice?

Before we talk about organic foods that you must consider including in your Navratri fasting meal plan, let’s take a quick look at some benefits of organic foods:

According to the Environmental Health Journal, these foods have tremendous health benefits, especially when you are fasting:

  • They don’t contain any artificial colors or flavors. This makes them cleaner and better for health.
  • Organic foods are richer in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and enzymes than conventional foods.
  • These foods don’t contain harmful chemicals and pesticides. This makes them safe for consumption and reduces the risk of chronic conditions.

Which organic foods should you consume during Navratri?

Since limited foods can be consumed during Navratri, it is essential to choose what you eat carefully. Since fasting can impact your mind and body, ensure that you eat the purest and healthiest foods.

Believing in bringing you the most natural and soothing foods, Adya Organics has curated a special range of Navratri foods. Recommended by the country’s most popular nutrition and lifestyle medicine expert Luke Coutinho, these foods are comforting and healthy at the same time.

Luke loves that these ‘good for you’ foods are procured sustainably and have no harmful chemicals or additives. 

Here are the top organic foods to eat if you are fasting for Navratri:

Kuttu Atta

Also known as buckwheat flour, this is a staple during Navratri fasting. According to the Current Nutrition and Food Science Journal, it is an excellent source of proteins, lipids, dietary fiber, and minerals.

Adya’s Gluten Free Kuttu Atta is the perfect replacement for conventional flour during Navratri. It is a source of complete protein and packed with all essential amino acids. This flour helps in:

  • Keeping you full and doing away with the need to binge between meals.
  • Helping your gut health by improving your digestive health.
  • Regulating insulin levels, making it immensely beneficial for people with diabetes.

Pink Himalayan Rock Salt

Common salt, also known as sea salt, while used commonly during cooking is not allowed during Navratri. This is because this salt undergoes chemical processes and is considered to be impure for consumption during these auspicious days.

Adya’s pink Himalayan rock salt is completely organic and free of contaminants. Sourced directly from the producers in the Himalayan ranges, this salt is unprocessed and retains its original taste. Since in Navratri, the diet is quite restrictive, most people prefer this pink Himalayan rock salt because:

  • It helps keep the body hydrated by maintaining its pH balance.
  • It removes toxins from the body and keeps you feeling energetic even while fasting.
  • Pink Himalayan rock salt improves digestion and boosts immunity.


Although the options of vegetables that can be consumed during Navratri fasting are limited, there is one vegetable that keeps you super healthy- the humble potato. It is versatile, delicious, and can be made in several interesting ways. 

They can be had as snacks or as a part of the main meals. One of the best snack options to try during fasting is Adya’s Potato Papad. This gluten-free snack is low in calories and made with natural stomach-friendly ingredients like jeera, red rice, and rock salt.  It offers health benefits such as:

  • Improved blood sugar levels.
  • Regulated cholesterol levels and reduced risk of heart disease.
  • Keeping you fuller for longer for better weight management.


Coconuts are the perfect inclusion in your fasting routine. Although they can be consumed in several ways, Adya’s Coconut Laddus is that perfect delicious treat to enjoy either between meals or as a post-meal dessert.

Our laddus are made using organic jaggery, the healthier alternative to sugar. They are bonded using pure ghee, which is a source of essential nutrients and healthy fats.

Coconut laddus have a wide spectrum of health benefits including:

  • Preventing lifestyle diseases.
  • Keeping you fuller and helping maintain your weight.
  • Improving overall health through its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.


Fasting is much more than just abstaining from food for a few days. It helps you live a healthier and wholesome life. However, you can gain these benefits only by consuming natural and chemical-free foods that optimize your health. You can make the right lifestyle choice by choosing all-natural and sustainably sourced foods from Adya Organics. Get in touch with us to know more about how you can source the best organic foods for a supercharged Navratri.