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Pink Himalayan rock salt is a salt sourced from the Himalayan ranges in South Asia. Unlike its white-hued counterpart, the more common table salt, pink salt, is light rose-colored and is enriched in mineral content. Like table salt, while its main component is sodium chloride, pink salt is packed with more minerals.

The pink salt from Adya Organics is all-natural and is packed with almost 84 minerals and other trace elements, which fortify your diet and help your body detoxify. These include calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron, and phosphorus. These minerals improve your body’s pH levels. This aids digestion and enhances your immunity keeping you away from seasonal ailments.

Our pink salt is sourced directly from the producers in the Himalayan ranges where it crystallized over millions of years in an unpolluted and untouched environment.

Since Adya Organics’ Pink Himalayan Rock Salt contains no chemicals, it is the perfect addition to healthy meals for you and your family. Since our pink salt is naturally low in sodium, it regulates blood pressure. It is also less dehydrating as compared to white table salt and helps maintain your body’s electrolyte balance, especially during the scorching summer days.

Since Adya Organics’ Pink Himalayan Rock Salt is completely unprocessed, it retains its original taste. It has a distinct taste that can elevate any dish that you make. Add it to your regular curries and vegetables or make delicious snacks like hash browns, salads, and even samosas.

That isn’t all, it also gives an amazing twist to sweet recipes. Add a pinch of Adya Organics’ Pink Himalayan Salt to your French toast, fruit salad, chocolate cake, and pancakes, and taste the magic. It can be easily used while cooking or as a seasoning to drizzle on top.

No wonder our Pink Himalayan Rock Salt is trusted and recommended by Luke Coutinho, the country’s most popular award-winning holistic nutrition and integrative lifestyle medicine expert. He loves the fact that this pink salt is sourced sustainably and comes without any preservatives, binders, additives, and fillers. In short, Adya Organics’ Pink Himalayan Rock Salt is 100% organic and completely safe.

Authentic, mineral-rich, and 100% natural- our Pink Himalayan Rock salt works as a fantastic addition to your cooking. It is super healthy and adds a delicious natural taste to your food.

  • Adya Organics’ pink Himalayan rock salt is absolutely pure and unadulterated.
  • Its low sodium content makes it perfect for those watching their weight.
  • It also helps maintain your blood pressure and hydration levels.
  • The rich mineral content in the Pink Salt is excellent for digestion and keeps your immunity high.
  • It is flavourful and adds a punch to both savory and sweet dishes.


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