Desi Cow Dhoop Batti


15 sticks

Desi Cow Dhoop Batti is a common part of almost every Indian household. Adya Organic’s Dhoop Batti are handmade with Desi Cow Dung, Loban, Desi Bilona Ghee, Bhimseni Kapur, Rice Powder & Gur (Jaggery) and then sunbaked to get the purest and 100% chemical-free dhoop battis. They spread a wave of positivity and calming vibes around every corner of the house. Dhoop battis can be easily used for poojas, havans and so on. These organic sticks offer a soothing effect without any possible risks or complications. Cow dung dhoops are traditionally used to make the surroundings pure and pleasant.

  • Dhoop batti helps in preventing the entry of pests and insects in your home.
  • They drive away mosquitoes and virus. It acts like a natural repellent.
  • It helps to eliminate dirt, pollution in the surroundings and creates a peaceful environment.
  • They have antiseptic and therapeutic healing properties.


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