Energy Boosting Pair


1400 gms

Indulge in the perfect blend of natural sweetness and wholesome nutrition with our Combo of Date Palm Jaggery & Chana Sattu. This unique pairing combines two traditional ingredients that have been cherished for their incredible health benefits and delicious flavors for generations.

Product Features:

  • Date Palm Jaggery: Our date palm jaggery is made from the sap of date palm trees, harvested and processed without any additives, preservatives, or artificial sweeteners. It’s a pure and unrefined sweetener that is not only delicious but also rich in essential nutrients.
  • Chana Sattu: Chana sattu is a roasted gram flour, prepared from the finest quality chickpeas. It is renowned for its high protein content, fiber, and numerous health benefits, making it an ideal addition to your daily diet.
  • Nutrient-Rich Combo: The marriage of date palm jaggery and chana sattu brings together two nutritional powerhouses. Chana sattu provides you with a high-quality source of plant-based protein and fiber, while date palm jaggery offers natural sweetness and vital minerals.
  • Versatile Usage: Our Combo of Date Palm Jaggery & Chana Sattu can be used in a multitude of culinary applications. Mix chana sattu with date palm jaggery to create a delicious and nourishing drink, or incorporate them into traditional recipes like sattu paratha, energy bars, and sweets.
  • Purity and Quality: We take great pride in delivering a product that’s free from impurities, chemicals, or synthetic additives. This combo is sourced and processed with the utmost care to ensure you receive only the best.
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Benefits of Sattu & Jaggery Combo

  • Digestive Wellness: Chana sattu, with its high fiber content, supports healthy digestion and can help prevent digestive issues.
  • Sustained Energy: Chana sattu is rich in protein and complex carbohydrates, providing you with long-lasting energy to keep you active and alert throughout the day.
  • Mineral Enriched: Date palm jaggery is a natural source of essential minerals like iron, potassium, and calcium, which are crucial for maintaining good health.
  • Indulge in the goodness of nature with our Combo of Date Palm Jaggery & Chana Sattu, a delightful and nourishing addition to your daily dietary regimen. Enjoy the sweet simplicity of this combination, while reaping the numerous health benefits it has to offer.


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What is included in the Energy Boosting Pair combo?

This combo includes Date Palm Jaggery and Chana Sattu, known for their energy-boosting properties.

Are these products organic and natural?

Yes, both Date Palm Jaggery and Chana Sattu are organic and made from natural ingredients.

How can I use these products in my diet?

You can mix Chana Sattu with Date Palm Jaggery to create a nutritious drink or incorporate them into various recipes like sattu paratha and energy bars.

Are these products free from chemicals and additives?

Yes, we take pride in delivering pure and unadulterated products, free from impurities, chemicals, or synthetic additives.

Do you offer international shipping for this combo?

Please check our shipping information for details on international availability.


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