Organic Millet Khichdi Mix

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Whether it is ‘pongal’ in Tamil Nadu, ‘Bisi Bele Bhath’ in Karnataka, or ‘Khichuri’ in Bengal, Khichdi, India’s favorite comfort food, takes many forms. This simple and traditional recipe made with rice, dal, and seasoned with mild spices, in a single pot is not just delicious but offers nourishment too. 

Adya Organic’s millet khichdi mix is a healthier twist on the original two-grain khichdi that we have all been used to. This light and airy one-pot meal is perfect for kids and adults alike. 

About millet khichdi mix 

Our millet khichdi mix combines multiple millet as compared to the original khichdi, which is usually made with just rice and toor dal. It is lightly flavored with handmade spices to give it a warm aroma and delicious taste. 

This one-pack goodness is simple to cook and relish whenever you want to.

Why is the millet khichdi mix unique?

· This millet khichdi mix is made using unprocessed, pure, and organic ingredients with excellent nutrition.
· It is 100% free of chemicals, preservatives, artificial colors, and toxins.
· This is an easy 3-step meal. Now no more fussing over the ingredients and spending long hours in the kitchen.

How to store?

This millet khichdi mix has a shelf-life of six months. To keep its flavors and taste intact, store it in a cool and dry space.

How to make khichdi with this millet mix?

· Wash the millet well and leave it in a fine-meshed sieve or colander to drain excess water.
· Add one tablespoon of ghee or oil of your choice to a pressure cooker. Heat it on high flame.
· Add the masala mix and saute on a low flame.
· Add the millet mix along with 5-6 glasses of water.
· Cook on a low flame for 4-5 whistles.
· Stir it well once done.
· Add more water while cooking if you want the khichdi to be of a runny consistency.
· Adjust salt according to your taste.
· Serve with chilled curd and pickles.

Lifestyle Tips-
Balanced Diet: Include millet khichdi in your balanced diet for sustained energy and digestion.
Variety: Add colorful veggies for taste and nutrients.
Seasonal Ingredients: Use fresh, seasonal produce.
Healthy Fats: Use a bit of ghee or coconut oil for better nutrient absorption.
Mindful Eating: Enjoy each bite mindfully for better digestion.
Creativity: Experiment with nuts and seeds for added texture.
No Preservatives: We do not add artificial ingredients or external preservatives in all our food products, including the ready-to-cook range.

What is your millet khichdi mix made with?

· Proso millet
· Green moong dal
· Bajra
· Spices mix
· Pink salt


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  • This millet khichdi mix is gluten-free, perfect for people who have gluten intolerance.
  • Rich source of minerals, proteins, and vitamins. Prevents anemia, builds strong muscles, and improves your nerve health.
  • Abundant in fiber to help you lose weight and look and feel your best.
  • Improves immunity and keeps you disease-free.
  • Lowers cholesterol and keeps your heart and nervous system healthy.
  • Excellent antioxidant content to keep you free of heart diseases and certain kinds of cancers.
  • Excellent energy booster, which keeps you light and stress-free.
  • Diabetic-friendly and keeps blood sugar spikes under control.



What are the health benefits of millet khichdi?

Millet khichdi offers a host of health benefits. It is rich in dietary fiber, essential minerals, and vitamins, promoting better digestion and overall gut health. The combination of millets and vegetables provides a balanced source of protein, aiding muscle repair and growth. Additionally, its low glycemic index helps regulate blood sugar levels, making it an ideal choice for individuals with diabetes.

Which millet is good for making rice?

Among the various millets, foxtail millet and barnyard millet are excellent choices for making rice-like preparations. They have a similar texture to traditional rice and blend well with other ingredients, creating a wholesome and nutritious rice alternative.

What is the nutritional value of millet khichdi?

Millet khichdi is a powerhouse of nutrition. It typically contains a mix of millets, lentils, and vegetables, providing a good balance of carbohydrates, protein, and fiber. The dish is rich in vitamins like B-complex and minerals such as iron, calcium, and magnesium. Its low-fat content makes it an ideal option for those seeking a healthy and filling meal.

How many calories are in vegetable millet?

The calorie content in vegetable millet can vary based on the ingredients used and portion sizes. On average, a serving of vegetable millet khichdi may contain around 200-250 calories. However, it’s essential to remember that these calories come from nutrient-dense sources, making it a wholesome and satisfying meal option.

Is it OK to eat millet every day?

Yes, eating millet every day can be a beneficial addition to your diet. Millets are gluten-free, highly nutritious, and packed with essential nutrients. Incorporating them into your daily meals can support better digestion, provide sustained energy, and contribute to overall health. However, as with any food, moderation and variety in your diet are essential for a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Which khichdi is best for health?

Millet khichdi stands out as one of the best options for health-conscious individuals. Its combination of various millets, lentils, and vegetables provides a diverse array of nutrients and health benefits. Millet khichdi is gluten-free, low in fat, and has a low glycemic index, making it suitable for those with dietary restrictions or health conditions like diabetes. Additionally, its wholesome and filling nature makes it a nourishing choice for anyone seeking a hearty and nutritious meal.

40 reviews for Organic Millet Khichdi Mix
  1. Yash Dhosi

    This Millet is really a delicious and easy-to-make meal that has become my new favourite. I totally love this!

  2. Ram Punetha

    Everyone must try this light yet fulfilling Millet Khichdi. It has a lot of health benefits with proteins and fibre. This makes it a great choice for a wholesome meal.

  3. Kushal Chandla

    The flavour of this Millet Khichdi is subtle. It pairs really well with a variety of sides like yoghurt or pickles. Overall, it’s fantastic, and I highly recommend it.

  4. Suman joshi

    Yes, it might not be the most exciting dish in terms of flavours but I add my own favourite herbs and spices. I just love it.

  5. Jotsana Vig

    I just think that sometimes the portion is too small for my liking, but I love it already.

  6. Samaksh Prakash

    If you don’t want to cook and are hesitant to order food, then you must try Millet Khichdi with some veggies, and you are good to go.

  7. Gauri Khanna

    Millet khichdi is one of the healthiest dishes I have come across. I am a mother of two, and this dish has become a healthy go-to for my kids and tastes really well.

  8. Raghu Sethiya

    This khichdi is quick to make, it’s tasty and healthy. Adding some veggies and having it with yoghurt is a go-to dish, even for kids.

  9. Paras Gurung

    As a working woman, I can’t choose between work and health. So I chose Millet Khichdi, which is easy to make. Also, it’s healthy and light on the stomach yet fulfilling.

  10. Samridhi Goyenka

    I make Millet Khichdi especially for dinner since I prefer something light. It’s good for digestion. My only concern is its packaging, but yes I highly recommend it to everyone.

  11. Dipanjali Dhul

    Millet khichdi has become my new weeknight comfort food. It’s so easy to throw together – just millet Khichdi, lentils, veggies, and some basic spices. I really like it.

  12. Subh Bhullar

    Millet Khichdi can be a bit bland if you don’t add some flavour boosters. So I add some Aam ka achar or dollops of A2 Ghee and it’s good to go.

  13. Kumar Gaurav

    Millet Khichdi is so versatile and absorbs the flavours of whatever you add. This dish is my go-to whenever I have a terrible stomach.

  14. Aniket Singh

    Millet khichdi is a lighter and healthier alternative when I wish to eat something light. It’s definitely worth the shot.

  15. Himani Vig

    Millet Khichdi is a comforting meal that I enjoy on a cold day. I love that it’s easy to digest and packed with fiber.

  16. Samrat Chaudhary

    Millet khichdi is packed with protein and fibre, making it a more guilt-free way to celebrate. I love it and recommend it.

  17. Pranjal Lomar

    The millet khichdi is simple and tasty. I love that it’s a one-pot meal requiring minimal effort.

  18. Paras Kotnala

    My version of Millet Khichdi includes spicing it up with different spices and seasoning. I think it’s dry; hence, a dollop of ghee or yogurt to moisten it goes a long way.

  19. Mahavir Singh Sekhawat

    I make this Millet Khichdi more frequently than any other dish whenever my stomach is upset, or I crave something light. It’s quick, healthy, and fulfilling.

  20. Komal Chotala

    Millet Khichdi, my dinner hero these days. Versatility of millets adding a new dimension to the traditional dish. Comforting and convenient, aligning perfectly with my desire for wholesome and tasty meals. Plus, the one-pot wonder? A total win.

  21. Renuka Singh

    I think Millet Khichdi is a healthy and delicious alternative to traditional rice khichdi. I like its taste a lot.

  22. Lalita Pathak

    Millet Khichdi, my guilt-free indulgence in a bowl. Symphony of flavors – golden hue, delicate texture, and sweet aroma. A sensory experience beyond just a meal, a taste of tradition and warmth. An irreplaceable part of my festive rituals and sweet cravings alike.

  23. Hemant Parashar

    Millet Khichdi, my go-to comfort food with a healthy twist. A warm hug for my taste buds – millets, lentils, and spices creating a hearty, flavorful one-pot wonder. A regular star on my dinner menu.

  24. Parth Chotala

    I am a bachelor and many time i eat outside so sometimes I cook this and have it with papad and achar.

  25. Daksh Karki

    Out of 7 days, 3 days this is my dinner and I feel light yet filled after eating this.

  26. Ragini Murchant

    My mother in law favourite food nowadays, she keeps asking me to make.

  27. Kushagar Paul

    V good product- its quick and easy to prepare. Comes out well.

  28. Paras Chosasiya

    Millet Khichdi, modern-day comfort replacing traditional. Nuttiness of millets adding a delightful touch, a satisfying and guilt-free option. Cozy, feel-good meal without compromising taste or nutrition.

  29. Anmol Gujjar

    Millet Khichdi, a celebration of health without sacrificing flavor. Unique texture of millets paired with lentils – a wholesome dish now a staple in my kitchen. A nutritional upgrade to classic comfort food, pleasing both taste buds and body.

  30. Devadarshini

    Millet Khichdi is a wholesome delight that has become a staple in my kitchen! The combination of millet, lentils, and aromatic spices creates a comforting and nutritious one-pot meal. It’s my go-to option for a quick, yet hearty, dinner that satisfies both my taste buds and nutritional needs.

  31. Chinnamani

    Millet Khichdi is the epitome of a guilt-free indulgence! The blend of millet, lentils, and spices creates a symphony of flavors that never fails to impress. It’s my secret weapon for busy days when I need a nourishing meal that doesn’t compromise on taste or health.

  32. Jegathiswaran

    These days, Millet Khichdi is my kitchen hero for quick and nutritious dinners. The versatility of millet adds a delightful twist to the traditional khichdi, making it a family favorite. It’s a comforting and convenient option that aligns perfectly with my desire for wholesome and tasty meals.

  33. Monika Dube

    Millet Khichdi is a celebration of health and flavor on my plate! The unique texture of millet combined with the goodness of lentils creates a satisfying and wholesome dish. It’s my preferred choice for a balanced and fuss-free meal that doesn’t skimp on taste.

  34. Arnav Agarwal

    Millet Khichdi is my go-to comfort food with a healthy twist. It’s like a warm hug for my taste buds. The combination of millets, lentils, and spices creates a hearty, flavorful one-pot wonder that’s become a regular star on my dinner menu.

  35. Sikha Dabral

    Move over, traditional khichdi – Millet Khichdi is the modern twist I’ve been craving! The inclusion of millet not only adds a delightful nuttiness but also boosts the overall nutritional profile. It has become a comforting and guilt-free option for those days when I want a nourishing meal without compromising on taste.

  36. Roshni Sekhwat

    What to say about this, I was just searching for one pot meal that I can eat after a long day and came across millet khichdi here. Now this has become my staple on my busy days.

  37. Maulik Patel

    Millet Khichdi is a celebration of health without sacrificing flavor. The unique texture of millets paired with lentils creates a wholesome dish that’s now a staple in my kitchen. It’s like a nutritional upgrade to the classic comfort food – my taste buds and body are both happy.

  38. Vibha Kelker

    These days, Millet Khichdi is my dinner hero. The versatility of millets adds a new dimension to the traditional dish. It’s a comforting and convenient option that aligns perfectly with my desire for wholesome and tasty meals. Plus, the fact that it’s a one-pot wonder? A total win.

  39. Ramesh Paswan

    Millet Khichdi is my guilt-free indulgence in a bowl. The blend of millets, lentils, and spices creates this symphony of flavors that never fails to impress. It’s my secret weapon for busy days when I need a nourishing meal that doesn’t compromise on taste or health. Nutrient-packed and delicious – that’s how I like

  40. Maya Sharma

    Move over, traditional khichdi – Millet Khichdi is my modern-day comfort. The nuttiness of millets adds this delightful touch, making it a satisfying and guilt-free option. It’s my cozy, feel-good meal that doesn’t compromise on taste or nutrition.

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