Beat the heat with jaggery and know how to include it in your diet

Date palm jaggery

Most of us have enjoyed jaggery as a winter treat. Be it with a side of traditional makki ki roti or as an after-meal dessert, a piece of this delectable goodness has never failed to delight us.

But did you know that jaggery is abundant in cooling properties and is considered a summer superfood? It not just flavors your foods and drinks with a nutty sweetness, but also has tremendous health benefits for your mind and body.

Continue reading to know more about this summer staple and some of the most delicious ways to include it in your diet.

Why should you include jaggery in your summer diet?

Traditionally known as gur, jaggery has been a part of the Indian diet for more than 3,000 years. In Ayurveda, it is referred to as ‘medicinal sugar’ for its detoxifying and revitalizing benefits. 

While the most common type is cane jaggery made from sugarcane juice, palm date jaggery is fast picking up as its healthiest alternative. Also known as khajoor gur or nolen gur palm date jaggery is a rich source of nutrients. 

According to the Nature Public Health Emergency Collection, palm jaggery is known as a functional food or nutriceutical. Let’s take a look at its benefits:

It cools your body

Come summer and we all feel dehydrated and drained of energy. This happens because of high temperatures and excessive sweating. 

But not anymore!

One of the best benefits of jaggery during summer is that it cools down your body. It not just regulates your body temperature but also keeps you hydrated while maintaining electrolyte balance in your body. 

It gives an instant energy boost

Hot summer days have a way of making us feeling lethargic. And we often turn to fizzy or caffeinated drinks for getting an energy boost. But all we get is a sugar rush, not to mention health problems in the long run.

This is where palm jaggery comes in. Its main summer benefit is that it gives you an energy boost like nothing else. This is because it is abundant in complex carbohydrates, which gradually release energy for a longer time. This helps you feel alert and rejuvenated even after a long day!

Helps regulate your blood pressure

Hypertension or high blood pressure is a common complaint during summer. This is because high temperature and humidity cause faster blood circulation. When this excess blood flow reaches the skin, it causes the heart to pump blood faster, leading to higher blood pressure. 

As confirmed by a National Public Health Emergency Collection study, jaggery is abundant in potassium. This potassium helps relax your muscles, relieves stress, and regulates blood pressure. This in the long run protects your blood vessels and keeps you away from cardiac problems.

Prevents respiratory problems 

Respiratory problems are as common in summer months as they are in winter. The high temperatures and humidity often lead to infections caused due to parainfluenza and enteroviruses in the air. Additionally, people who smoke also experience lung scarring, which causes trouble breathing. 

According to Environmental Health Perspectives research, jaggery effectively translocates dust particles from the lungs. This helps heal them and make your breathing better. 

Prevent digestive issues

Heat and humidity can take a toll on your digestive system making it weaker. They affect the intestines also leading to problems like loss of appetite, abdominal cramps, dehydration, heartburn, etc.

Being rich in magnesium, jaggery boosts intestinal health. According to the Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry, palm sugar jaggery releases enzymes in your digestive system and helps in improving your digestion and relieving constipation. 

Helps in weight loss

Summer months are all about sweet treats like ice creams and sugary drinks. While they do helps us cool down, they also add to the pounds. This excess weight has its own downsides. Carrying extra pounds may lead to chronic health problems like type-2 diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, etc.

Its potassium content helps reduce bloating by reducing water retention. It also helps maintain the balance of electrolytes in your body, which builds adequate muscle mass leading to calorie loss and weight loss in the long run.

What’s the best way to include date palm jaggery in your summer diet?

Wondering how to include this wonder food in your diet? Here are some easy tips:

  •     Eat a tablespoonful of jaggery after each meal. You don’t just get to enjoy a delicious dessert but also get healthy on the way.
  •     Add it to your curries, dals, and even veggies to give them a sweet and savory taste. 
  •     Make jaggery water by mixing it with water, basil seeds, lemon juice, and mint leaves. 
  •     Add a bit of jaggery to aam panna or buttermilk.
  •     Mix it with desserts like cakes, cookies, and pancakes for natural sweetness. 

How to choose the best organic palm date jaggery?

You can gain these amazing health benefits and great taste of palm date jaggery only when you buy the best-quality jaggery. 

Here are some tips to help you pick up the purest organic jaggery:

  •     It should be made with naturally grown date palms, which are sun-dried.
  •     These palms must be hand-crushed without the use of any machines.
  •     It should be 100% natural and free of chemicals.

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