Why Date Palm Jaggery is more than just an Ingredient in your sweets?

Do you want to indulge your sweet tooth and give in to your cravings without worrying about their impact on your health?  What if we told you there is a natural sweetener that not only adds flavor to your dishes but also boosts your health?  Interested already? That’s not all: this natural sweetener is the ideal immunity booster and is loaded with medicinal properties.  No, it’s not a magic potion—it is date palm jaggery!  Call it gur, Nolen gur, or karupatti, date palm jaggery is the magical, medicinal, and healthy alternative to white sugar. It has a sweet, silky, and heavenly taste, and is considered a healthy ‘superfood’ by many.   Let’s dig deep into this natural taste enhancer.

What is Date Palm Jaggery?

Date palm jaggery is an unrefined and unadulterated sugar made from the sap of date palm trees. From boosting your immunity to relieving common ailments, the benefits of date palm jaggery are too many to count.   

How is Jaggery Made?

The natural sweetener is collected exclusively from date palm trees, especially during the winter when the trees secrete sap. A clay pot is tied to the thorny date palm trees to collect the sap.  Before the sap can ferment, it is collected and boiled for many hours until it becomes a thick, sticky, smoky syrup. The hot syrup is poured into molds to solidify.

Is date palm jaggery the same as sugar cane jaggery?

No.  Sugar cane jaggery is made by boiling unfermented sugar cane juice. The juice is extracted, cleaned, boiled, cooled, and stored in crystallized form. Sugar cane jaggery, which is golden brown in color, has a distinct flavor and texture.” Since it has higher concentrations of sugar, which makes it unsuitable for those struggling with the numbers on their weighing scales.  Date palm jaggery, on the other hand, retains all the essential minerals and vitamins since it doesn’t contain any added preservatives or harmful chemicals.  Finally, jaggery—any type of jaggery—is better than refined white sugar any day!

Is Date Palm Jaggery More nutritious than Refined Sugar?

Certainly!  Date palm jaggery is undoubtedly tastier and healthier than refined sugar. In fact health and  lifestyle expert Luke Coutinho recommends replacing white sugar with date palm jaggery. The reason being, refined white sugar contains “empty calories¹” which are calories without vitamins or minerals. We’ll use a nutritional chart to show why date palm jaggery is a better sugar substitute. Did you know a Teaspoon of white refined sugar brings down your immunity by 50% for two hours or more post its consumption? One of the many reasons we have constantly advocated the switch to natural sweeteners. Natural sweeteners such as Data palm jaggery are known to be extremely beneficial and contain loads of antioxidants and minerals such as zinc, iron, phosphorus, calcium. It is also a really great source of Vitamin B. It’s definitely time to make that much needed switch in your diet and bid adieu to white refined sugar for good.  Every 100 grams of Date Palm Jaggery Contains
Iron 2.64 mg / 100 gram
Protein 1500 mg/100 gram
Vitamin B1 0.35 mg/100 gram
Vitamin C 87 mg/100 gram
Vitamin B3 1.64 mg/100 gram
Vitamin B12 Less than 0.05 mg/100 gram
Vitamin B2 0.59 mg/100 gram
Vitamin B6 27 mg/gram
Date palm jaggery also contains trace amounts of calcium, zinc, copper, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium. It is also loaded with plant proteins, phytochemicals, and antioxidants. 

Why Health and Wellness Coach ‘Luke Coutinho’ recommends Date Palm Jaggery?

Holistic lifestyle and wellness coach Luke Coutinho recommends data palm jaggery as the perfect natural sweetener which doubles up as an ideal immunity and health booster. According to Luke Coutinho, date palm jaggery is a storehouse of health-boosting carbohydrates, antioxidants, essential minerals, and vitamins. Moreover, it is a plant-based sweetener that is prepared without the use of harmful chemicals or taste enhancers. Let’s see why Luke Coutinho thinks data palm jaggery should replace refined white sugar. 

Builds Immunity and Muscle health

One of the most prevalent nutrient deficiencies in India is iron deficiency. But iron is an essential nutrient required for immunity-building and muscle cell health.  Date palm jaggery is an excellent plant-based source of iron, containing approximately 11 mg, or 61% of the daily requirement. 

Boosts energy levels

Date palm jaggery is filled with complex carbohydrates that break down slowly without spiking your sugar levels but keep you satiated and energetic for longer periods of time. For a solid start to your day, include date palm jaggery in your coffee or tea!

Aids in Digestions

Date palm jaggery helps cleanse your body, cures constipation, and removes impurities from the body. The antioxidants in jaggery help to neutralize free radicals and toxins in the body.

Regulates body weight

Date palm jaggery maintains electrolyte balance, and being a potassium supplier, it also reduces excess water retention in your body. 

Relieves Joint pains

Date palm jaggery is known to improve bone health. That is why Luke Coutinho recommends adding date palm jaggery to a glass of milk with a pinch of ginger to relieve bone and joint pain, strengthen bones, and maintain bone health. 

There are a ton of date palm jaggery products on the market. How do I select the right one?

Delicious, nutritious, and nourishing, date palm jaggery ticks all the boxes on your healthy-sugar alternative list. But, with the sheer number of options on the market, it can be overwhelming to select the right one.  We’ll make it easy for you!  Buy Adya Organics Date Palm Jaggery. We have tested, tasted, and verified its authenticity, and it comes highly recommended by experts at the ethical