Is Organic Mustard Oil as Healthy as they say? Where does Science stand on this?

Mustard Oil
Finally, we have cracked the secret to healthy skin, hair and heart. And, it’s not anything fancy, but our good ol’ mustard oil. Well, the age-old wisdom of our parents and grandparents has been proven right – yet again. And this time, they are backed by scientific proof.  But for the benefit of the uninformed, let’s quickly shed light on this golden-yellow liquid touted by many as the ‘most beneficial’ oil of the subcontinent. 

Mustard Oil – the staple in Indian Cooking

One of the main ingredients of traditional Indian cooking is mustard oil. Mustard oil or Sarson ka tel is extracted from mustard seeds (black, white, and brown) with the help of the steam distillation process.  The golden-yellow oil has a very noticeable, strong, and pungent aroma. And it adds its distinct flavor to the dishes. Although it is an acquired taste, once you get past your inhibitions you can marvel at its many benefits.  In the earlier days, an ox-powered grinding mill was used to make mustard oil. Nowadays, advanced machinery is employed to prepare mustard oil.  Until a few years back, mustard oil was considered poisonous (no less!) and banned from use. However, with the changing times and the use of the high-end distillation process, organic cold-pressed mustard oil is ruling the roost. 

What is the nutritional chart of mustard oil?

For our health-conscious audiences, simply proclaiming the wonders of mustard oil isn’t going to work. That’s why we are providing science-backed evidence to further our point.  The nutritional chart of organic mustard oil looks like this: Every 100 gms of mustard oil contains: Energy: 884 calories Saturated Fatty acid: 11 grams Monounsaturated fatty acid: 59 grams Polyunsaturated fatty acid: 21 grams Total Omega 3 fatty acids: 5900 mg Total Omega 6 fatty acids: 15332 mg Sugar: 0 grams Dietary Fiber: 0 grams Protein: 0 grams Carbohydrates: 0 grams Sodium: 0 grams Source  Organic mustard oil is low in sodium content. And when compared with other cooking oils, mustard oil has low saturated fat, which boosts cardiac health and immunity. 

How is the oil extracted from mustards?

Mustard oil is extracted from black, white, and brown mustard seeds. The seeds are cleaned thoroughly and sun-dried until they completely lose their moisture content.  Unlike other brands that use machines to extract the oil, which could lead to cross-contamination, Adya Organics uses the traditional ‘Kohlu’ method for extraction. In the kohlu method, bulls rotate a bamboo roller which crushes the mustards. When this method is used for extraction, the oil retains its natural flavor, keeps the nutrients intact, and maintains its purity. 

Let’s see why Luke Coutinho Recommends Mustard Oil for your health journey?

Mustard oil is popular not only because of its culinary flavoring character but also for its therapeutic and aphrodisiac qualities. 

Reduce Pain

Mustard oil can work wonders on your body. It contains allyl isothiocyanate, a well-documented chemical compound with known pain-inhibiting properties. Being rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, mustard oil consumption can relieve arthritis-associated joint pains and decrease inflammation. 

Boost skin and hair health

Pure mustard oil is rich in Vitamin E, the elixir you desperately need for your skin and hair health. Topical application and consumption of mustard oil can boost hair growth and health. 

Slows down the growth of cancer cells

A research article reported that mustard oil has immense cancer-cell-inhibiting properties. Besides the anticarcinogenic qualities, pure mustard oil strengthens the structure of red blood cells. 

Improves cardiac health

Being rich in monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats, organic mustard oil helps lower bad cholesterol (LDL) and increases good cholesterol (HDL) levels. 

Recommended by Luke Coutinho for weight loss 

Expert health and wellness coach Luke Coutinho recommends organic mustard oil as the ideal weight loss-aiding oil. The reason is mustard oil’s high smoking point. When your oil has a high smoking point, you can safely use it for frying, baking, or grilling without worrying about fat breakdown and free radicals.  Moreover, according to a report in The British Journal of Nutrition, mustard oil generates heat in the body, also called thermogenesis. The heat produced decreases appetite, which in turn decreases your portion size. Lesser portion size means fewer calories to burn. And the Omega 3 fatty acids also help by giving you a satiated feeling and preventing obesity.  Unsure where to buy the best quality mustard oil, look no further than Adya Organics Mustard Oil. It is packed with wholesome goodness and health benefits – perfect for all age groups and needs. Moreover, we vouch for the purity and authenticity of Adya Organics Mustard oil, and that’s why we have it stocked at our ethical wellness platform