Why are millet cookies the best snack for kids?

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Do you worry about your kid’s health every time they reach out for a sugary or fried snack? If yes, then you are not the only parent who worries about this.

Regularly consuming these snacks becomes addictive and can have a negative impact on their health. Some complications may include obesity, fatigue, kidney problems, and lack of concentration.

While replacing unhealthy snacks with healthy ones seems like a logical solution, it is often not so easy. Kids prefer only those snacks that taste good, especially when it comes to cookies.

This is where millet cookies come in. They are so delicious that they can be easily substituted for other sugar-laden snacks. Not to mention their amazing health benefits.

This blog explores some great reasons to swap ordinary cookies with healthy millet cookies for kids.

Why should your kid’s diet include millet cookies?

Growing children have different nutrition needs. They need nutritionally-dense foods that give them energy and allow optimum growth and development of their bodies.

Often known as a superfood, millet, is a hero ingredient that offers a wide range of nutrients and health benefits to kids. Millets have been a part of our diet for centuries and are getting attention again for their amazing advantages for children’s health.

It belongs to the family of small-seeded grasses and has types such as:

  • Jowar
  • Bajra
  • Ragi
  • Kuttu
  • Rajgira

Before we talk about the benefits of millet cookies for kids, let’s take a look at their nutritional profile:


12 grams


5 grams


2 grams


1 gram


67 grams


8 mg


42 mg


242 mg


360 calories

Here are some science-backed reasons why millet cookies are recommended for children:

Keep tummy aches away

Children often complain of stomach aches. They have delicate digestive systems, which are vulnerable to illnesses. Millet cookies are an excellent source of fiber that help keep bowel movements smooth and prevent constipation.

They are also rich in prebiotics that maintains the gut health of children.

Aid their growth and development

According to research cited by The Hindu Business Line, millets can boost children’s growth by nearly 50 percent over three months. Nutrients are essential to support their growth and development, especially their bone metabolism.

Millet cookies are rich in a variety of nutrients and help in preventing nutritional deficiencies. They are rich in proteins and amino acids, which support the growth of muscles and make them stronger in the long run.

Prevent diseases

Children are more susceptible to bacterial and viral infections because their immune systems are still not developed entirely. According to the Food Chemistry Journal, millet cookies are rich in phenolic acids. These acids have antioxidant and antimicrobial properties, which save children from catching disease-causing infections.

Healthier teeth and bones

A University of Reading research confirms that millet cookies are dense in calcium and contain three times the level of calcium than milk. This is especially beneficial for children since their bones and teeth are in the formative stage and need this nutrient to grow and get stronger.

Calcium in millet cookies also helps in regulating their hormones and strengthen their nervous system.

They are non-allergic

One of the most important benefits of millet cookies for children is that they are free of gluten. What makes them the perfect snack for children is that they don’t cause any wheat allergies and are easier on their digestive system.

Another advantage of millet cookies being gluten-free is that it helps children maintain their optimum weight and improves their energy levels.

Prevent childhood obesity

An Indian Journal of Medical Research paper says that close to 20 percent of children in India are obese. The main factors that contribute to this are a poor lifestyle, which includes a lack of physical activity and eating calorie-dense food. Other factors may include genetics and certain illnesses.

Whatever the reason, excess weight in children may lead to several health issues. These may include breathlessness, high cholesterol, joint pain, and poor self-esteem.

Millet cookies are low on the glycemic index as compared to cookies made from refined flour. They prevent blood sugar spikes and keep it steady preventing serious chronic health conditions.

Prevent childhood anemia

Childhood anemia is a serious health problem that has serious implications for a child’s health. It often leads to complaints like excessive fatigue, headaches, dizziness, soreness of the tongue, etc.

According to the Frontiers in Nutrition Journal, millets have a major impact on improving the iron status and levels of hemoglobin levels in iron deficiency anemia.

How to choose the best millet cookies for your kids?

With so many options of millet cookies available in the market, it can get confusing to choose the best one for your kids. Here are some things to look for in millet cookies before buying a pack:

  • They should be made of pure organic ingredients.
  • The cookies should contain natural sweeteners like jaggery instead of refined sugar.
  • They should not contain margarine or hydrogenated fat.
  • The millet cookies should not have chemical preservatives, added colors, or additives.


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