A2 Ghee vs Normal Desi Ghee


India is a diverse country known for its age-old customs and traditions. With multiple cultures come multiple cuisines and their unique variety and taste. From topping North Indian dishes like Dal and Aloo Paratha to South Indian dishes like Idli and Sambar, all dishes taste best when served with ghee. It is a milk product that has several health benefits including strengthening the bones, aiding digestion, and boosting immunity. Therefore, when it comes to choosing ghee, it becomes imperative to assess the different options available in the market.

Normal ghee is the most widely used ghee in our households, but it carries a lot of problems unknown to us. Normal ghee is the ghee made from heating milk’s cream. The problem with normal ghee is that we do not know if any color, flavor, or preservatives has been added to the ghee. We do not know the source of the milk and the breed of the cows. In addition to this, we also do not know if the cows have been fed properly or injected with hormones to increase milk production.

A2 Ghee is the type of desi ghee that is extracted using the Bilona method of churning. In the process of extraction, A2-grade milk is used. The calves are first fed and then the milk is taken from cows. Later, the milk is boiled in earthen pots and left to curdle. This curdled milk is then churned to separate the A2 Cow Ghee. Adya Organics also has 100% organic and healthy A2 Gir Cow Ghee. Our A2 Ghee is made using the A2 grade milk that is an antibiotic, fresh and chemical-free. The milk is taken from indigenous Gir cows at our farms located in Dehradun.

The Ghee is known to be rich in Omega 3 fatty acids that help the heart and arteries, lower blood pressure and reduce triglycerides. A2 Ghee functions as a natural lubricant to the bones. It improves bone density, increases strength, tackles arthritis and joint pains. It also aids in digestion. The ghee contains antioxidants which serve as an anti-aging secret. From improving skin’s texture to providing it with a radiant and youthful glow, the ghee is a superfood for all.