Your Grandmother was right about Cow Ghee. Now, even science backs her!

A2 Gir Cow Ghee

Your grandmother was right all along: A2 cow ghee is the ultimate superfood your body needs for a healthy body and mind. And guess what? Now even science backs her. 

Every time she added an extra dollop of that golden-hued, rich, grainy, and aromatic cow ghee to your rotis, rice, and sweets, she wasn’t only adding flavor but also boosting your overall health. 

Cow ghee, although gaining international flavor only recently, has remained a faithful staple in Indian cooking. From being touted as the ‘yogavahi’ (catalyst for bringing medicinal properties of herbs into the body) in Ayurveda to being considered the most sattvic food, desi ghee has been the go-to nutrient for generations. 

We’ve all used preservative-laden store-bought ghee, but have you ever tried authentic A2 cow ghee?

To experience purity at its best, we recommend trying the Adya Organics A2 Cow Ghee. The Adya Organics A2 Cow Ghee checks all the boxes on our must-have list. Moreover, it is passionately made with grass-fed cow A2 milk using the traditional Bilona method. 

What is A2 Cow Ghee?

A2 cow ghee is the ghee extracted from A2-grade milk produced by indigenous cows such as Gir and Sahiwal. This ghee is a delicious, nutrient-dense superfood that is high in Omega-3 fatty acids, immunity-boosting vitamins, and antioxidants.

But are Gir and Sahiwal cows different from other cows? 

It is a question we often get asked. Unlike common/hybrid cows like Jersey, Ayrshire, and others, which are not native to India, Gir and Sahiwal cows are native breed, grass-fed Indian cows. 


The milk extracted from grass-fed Gir and Sahiwal cows is the healthiest and highest quality milk ever produced. This super-rich milk is churned into equally beneficial ghee using the age-old, traditional Bilona method. 

Nutritional Facts about Adya Organics A2 Cow Ghee 

Every 100 grams of A2 cow ghee contains


 Energy in Kcal


Total Carbohydrates



 148.86 mg

Omega – 6

2.05 %

Vitamin A

63.2 %


0.03 %

Monounsaturated Fatty Acid

25.09 g

Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid

1.01 g

Total Fat

99.53 g


How to use A2 cow ghee? 

Well, with ghee, you are limited only by your imagination.  

In the Indian culinary universe, ghee is perhaps the only product that has found a flavor across all the states.  

In North India, you can find cow ghee being used to prepare tons of authentic sweets, liberally spread on rotis and parathas, and added to rice for a rich flavor. In southern India, ghee is used for preparing curries and pickles and for tempering authentic veggie-rice-lentil-based dishes.  

Does preparing ghee sound tedious? There is an easy way out. 

While making ghee at home is not a particularly tedious job, it might require patience, experience, and a ton of A2 milk. Moreover, if you want to give shuddh ghee a chance, you have to prepare it using the Bilona method. 

If this sounds like a challenge to you, choose Adya Organics A2 Gir Cow Ghee

Why not regular ghee?  

Simply because A2 cow ghee is the better choice. 


Here’s our answer backed by science. 

Risk 1: A1 Ghee slows down digestion and causes chronic colon inflammation.

A1 milk-derived regular ghee contains β-casein fraction. It is associated with an increased risk of health hazards affecting the nervous, immune, and endocrine systems.

Risk 2: A1 ghee disrupts metabolism and hampers blood sugar levels.

The consumption of ghee derived from A1 milk is proven to increase the risk1 of type 1 diabetes, arterial plaque, sudden infant death syndrome, autism, and coronary heart disease. 

Risk 3: AI ghee causes digestive discomfort in lactose intolerant people.

Since A2 cow milk ghee is made by removing heavy milk solids, and it contains only trace amounts of casein and lactose. The removal of milk sugars and proteins makes it perfect for those with lactose intolerance2  and dairy allergies. 

Listing few more science backed benefits of A2 ghee:

  • Consumption and application of 100% pure and A2 cow ghee can help assist arthritis pains and provide relief from joint pains. Ghee is a natural lubricant that helps improve the bone density of the knees.
  • Being rich in Omega-3 and 6, this Desi Gir Cow ghee is proven to improve heart health and help maintain weight. Cow Ghee is a better alternative than other forms of fat such as butter. Ghee doesn’t include bad fats that might harm your heart’s health. It also keeps at bay life-threatening diseases like cancer etc.
  • A2 ghee improves your digestion capacity as it is known to enhance the absorption of food in the small intestine. It also helps decrease the acid present in the gastrointestinal tract that might irritate otherwise
  • A2 ghee is known to increase bone density and therefore is great for massaging new born babies. Massaging using ghee will make bones strong. The ghee also aids in treating insomnia as it cures various deficiencies in the body that might affect your sleep.
  • This superfood is an anti-aging mantra as it is rich in antioxidants and other forms of nutrients. The ghee improves your skin’s texture and provides younger-looking and glowing skin.
  • As per Ayurveda, Pure organic Ghee can cure joint pains and ease their symptoms.
  • Ghee can aid in weight loss for both men & women and can help in maintaining weight.
  • Ghee can cure gastric problems and aids in general digestion.
  • As per Ayurveda, Ghee can lower cholesterol as compared to other fats such as butter
  • Ghee can be used topically to aid in inducing sleeping or increase sleeping duration.
  • As per research, Ghee can slow down aging as it is full of nutrients and anti-oxidants.


Choosing A2 cow ghee is a far better, healthier option that should be a staple in every Indian household. Instead of buying costly, adulterated ghee, we suggest you invest in your health and buy the most authentic A2 cow ghee from trustworthy stores, such as our ethical wellness platform. have taken this from our website, we can tweak this If required.


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