Dadi Ma ka – Aam ka Achaar (Sweet Mango)

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Adya Organics presents a delightful twist to the classic “Dadi Ma Ka Aam Ka Achaar” with their Sweet Mango – Gudamba Achaar. Inspired by traditional family recipes, this achaar captures the essence of grandma’s kitchen with a sweet and tangy flavor profile. Handcrafted with care, the achaar features succulent raw mangoes, blended with aromatic spices and jaggery (gud) to create a perfect balance of taste. Adya Organics’ Dadi Ma Ka Aam Ka Achaar (Sweet Mango – Gudamba) is a burst of nostalgia and flavors that will evoke fond memories of grandma’s homemade delights.


Authentic Family Recipe: The USP of Adya Organics’ Dadi Ma Ka Aam Ka Achaar (Sweet Mango – Gudamba) lies in its authentic preparation, reflecting the cherished taste of grandma’s homemade sweet mango pickle.
Handcrafted with Love: Each batch of the achaar is meticulously handcrafted with love and care, preserving the traditional flavors and ensuring a genuine experience.

Storage Instructions:

Store the Dadi Ma Ka Aam Ka Achaar (Sweet Mango – Gudamba) in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.
Ensure that the jar is tightly sealed after each use to maintain the achaar’s freshness and flavors.

Usage (How to Use):

Dadi Ma Ka Aam Ka Achaar (Sweet Mango – Gudamba) can be enjoyed as a delicious accompaniment to various Indian dishes, such as parathas, rice, dal, and curries.
It can also be served alongside snacks or used as a spread for sandwiches and wraps.


Raw Mangoes: Handpicked and chopped raw mangoes, providing the sweet and tangy base of the achaar.
Aromatic Spices: A harmonious blend of traditional Indian spices, including fenugreek seeds, fennel seeds, and more, adding depth to the achaar’s flavor.
Jaggery (Gud): A natural sweetener that imparts a delightful sweetness to the achaar, balancing the tanginess of raw mangoes.

Adya Organics’ Dadi Ma Ka Aam Ka Achaar (Sweet Mango – Gudamba) is a nostalgic and genuine delight, combining the flavors of grandma’s kitchen with the sweetness of jaggery. Relish the unique taste and warm memories of this traditional sweet mango pickle, knowing that it comes from a brand dedicated to providing authentic and wholesome products. Let the sweetness of Dadi Ma Ka Aam Ka Achaar (Sweet Mango – Gudamba) add joy and flavor to your meals and bring back the fondness of homemade pickles.

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  • Rich in Vitamins: Dadi Ma Ka Aam Ka Achaar (Sweet Mango – Gudamba) contains raw mangoes, which are a rich source of vitamins, particularly vitamin C, supporting immunity and overall health.
  • Digestive Aid: The combination of spices and jaggery in the achaar may aid digestion and provide relief from digestive discomfort.
  • Natural Sweetener: The addition of jaggery (gud) imparts natural sweetness to the achaar, making it a delectable and unique choice for pickle enthusiasts.
  • Adds Zest to Meals: The sweet and tangy taste of the achaar perfectly complements various dishes, elevating their flavor and making meals more enjoyable


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How to make sweet mango pickles?

To make sweet mango pickles, you will need the following ingredients:

2 cups of peeled and diced mango
1 cup of sugar
1/2 cup of white vinegar
1/4 cup of oil
2 tbsp of mustard seeds
1 tsp of turmeric powder
1 tsp of red chili powder
Salt to taste

In a pan, heat the oil and add the mustard seeds. Once they start to crackle, add the turmeric powder, and red chili powder and sauté for a few seconds.
Add the diced mango and sauté for 2-3 minutes.
Add the sugar, vinegar, and salt. Mix well and cook for 10-12 minutes or until the sugar has dissolved and the mixture thickens.
Let the mixture cool and then transfer it to a clean and dry glass jar.
Allow the pickles to sit for a day before serving to allow the flavors to meld together.
You can store the pickles in the refrigerator for up to a month. You can adjust the amount of sugar and vinegar to suit your taste. It’s a great way to preserve the mangoes for a longer time and enjoy their sweet taste.

Is Sweet mango pickle good for health?

Sweet mango pickle, like most pickles, is high in salt, sugar, and oil. Consuming it in moderation may not have a significant impact on your health, but consuming it in large amounts could lead to health problems such as high blood pressure, weight gain, and diabetes.

The mangoes used in the pickle are a good source of vitamin C and other antioxidants, which can support the immune system and protect the body from damage caused by free radicals. However, the high sugar content in the pickle may negate the benefits of the antioxidants.

It is important to keep in mind that pickles should be consumed in moderation as part of a balanced diet. Pickles should not be considered a healthy food and should not replace whole fruits or vegetables in your diet.

It is recommended to check the nutritional information of the sweet mango pickle you are consuming, in order to have a better understanding of the sugar, salt, and oil content. And also consult with your physician before consuming it if you have any health conditions or concerns.

10 reviews for Dadi Ma ka – Aam ka Achaar (Sweet Mango)
  1. Tahir Malik

    I love the sweet and tangy flavour of this Aam ka achaar (sweet Mango). However, the sweetness mixed with spiciness can be a bit overpowering for some. Rest, the taste is great.

  2. Rohini Chopra

    This Aam ka achaar (sweet Mango) has quickly become the new favourite in my household. I really love it!

  3. Neetu Singh Rawat

    I was totally surprised by the delightful taste of this Aam ka achaar (sweet Mango). I expected it to be sweet, but the hint of spice was welcoming. It’s too yummy and a must-try!

  4. Antriksha Sadh

    I think there weren’t enough mango pieces in the jar. But yes, overall, the taste is great, and I would recommend it to everybody.

  5. Raj Thakur

    The sweetness of this Aam ka achaar (sweet Mango) balances the heat beautifully. Good-to-go!

  6. Sheetal Goyal

    I wanted to add a flavour of mango to my daily meal. So I got this aam ka achaar to add some tangy flavour. It’s great.

  7. Bipul tyagi

    This aam ka achaar is an amazing option to eat with any Indian food, especially my morning paranthas. Easy-to-go breakfast option.

  8. Sujata Tomar

    If you are someone who loves spicy and zingy flavours, this pickle is for you. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

  9. Sarat singh

    This classic aam ka achaar has the right combination of spices like salt, vinegar and many more to keep the flavour alive for a long time. I would definitely recommend this to everyone!

  10. Bhavna Parmar

    For the pickle lovers, this aam ka achaar is a boon. It can never go wrong. A must-try!

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