Kick-start your day with Health-Boosting Ready-to-Drink Sattu Sharbat

Sattu Premix
When the temperatures start soaring and the blazing summer hits us hard, we start to binge on ice creams and bottled drinks. These thirst-quenching coolers might taste amazing but are filled with excessive sugar, preservatives, and artificial flavoring agents. Although they are appealing, these drinks are not healthy. We often choose these attractively packaged drinks instead of picking our traditional healthy staples. Chana Sattu is a nutrient-rich thirst-quencher that’s packed with proteins, minerals, and essential vitamins. Thanks to lifestyle and nutrition experts like Luke Coutinho, the authentic Chana Sattu is making a comeback.

What is Sattu, and how is it made?

Sattu is a powerhouse of energy as it contains a ton of essential nutrients and minerals. While several brands sell sattu drinks, it is important to choose organic and unadulterated products to enjoy the most benefits. Adya Organics Chana Sattu premix is made from organic chana and hand-picked spices. The chana is sourced from the sattu homeland, the Bahiyara farms in Bihar. Black chana is first dry roasted on a slow flame and stone ground to a fine consistency. Since the sattu premix is made using authentic methods of stone-grinding, it retains most of its nutrient value and minerals intact.

What Ingredients does the Sattu Premix Drink contain?

With the Sattu Premix, you can have a tangy, spicy, and refreshing glass of delicious sattu anytime and anywhere. Adya Organics Chana Sattu Premix contains hand-picked spices to elevate the taste levels of the sattu drink. The ingredients present in the sattu premix are roasted jeera powder, black salt, green chilli powder, onion powder, and lemon powder. Personalize the sattu flavor profile by adding a lemon slice or ice cubes.

The Nutritional Benefits of Chana Sattu Premix Drinks

Here are the reasons why the chana sattu premix is a must-have staple in every house.

Loaded protein powerhouse

Chana Sattu drink builds muscle mass and bulk development. It works excellently as a post-workout protein drink. Sattu also contains magnesium and potassium, which are known to boost appetite.

Keeps you hydrated

Chana Sattu drink is a natural and nourishing body-cooling refreshing drink. With the scorching summer draining essential nutrients away from your body, the sattu drink can replenish the lost nutrients in no time. Additionally, it also aids in digestion and bowel movements. The insoluble fiber in the sattu drink helps in relieving acidity, bloating, and swelling.

Instant nourishment

The Sattu premix is packed with minerals and vitamins that are essential for pregnant, menstruating, and lactating women. The drink helps them regain lost nutrients, depleted energy levels, and gain bone strength.

Helps you stay satiated for long

Sattu drink is an excellent high-fiber tonic that keeps those hunger pangs away by keeping you satiated for a long time. It also boosts metabolism and helps burn calories faster.

Regulates blood sugar and pressure

Sattu registers a low glycemic index that helps manage blood sugar levels. The high fiber content also helps in maintaining an optimum sugar level at all times. The low sodium content in chana sattu also regulates blood pressure and cholesterol. With tons of sattu brands flooding the market, buying the right one can seem quite challenging to the average consumer. No worries, at YouCareLifestyle, we have done our homework and can vouch for the quality of Adya Organics Chana Sattu Premix. Buy it off our health and lifestyle site with confidence.


Can we drink Sattu sharbat every day?

Certainly. Drinking sattu sharbat on an empty stomach every day is a great way to boost their digestive health. The detoxifying characteristics of the Chana Sattu premix drink to flush out toxins from the body keeping you hydrated and refreshed.

Is Sattu easy to digest?

Yes. Sattu is a fiber-rich drink that boosts digestion and cleanses out your gut like no other.

Are there any side effects to consuming Sattu drinks?

Only if you consume in excess, it might cause gas and make you feel bloated. Consuming sattu in limited quantities does wonders for your body, hair, skin, and soul.

Which is the best way to consume Sattu?

Adya Organics offers an easy-to-prepare sattu premix, complete with the needed spices and condiments to make the drink extra tasty. The best way to drink sattu is to mix it in water and enjoy it. However, always avoid drinking it with milk.