Shri Purshottam Rupala : There is a need to build cow hospitals in every metropolis, so that cow nurturing is also easy in the metropolis

There is a need to build cow hospitals in every metropolis, so that cow nurturing is also easy in the metropolis

There is a need to build gau shalas in every metropolis of the country so as to ease the nurturing of the cows in the metropolis and organic farming can be done with the help of indigenous native cows. This was stated by Honorable Shri Purshottam Rupala, Union Minister of State for Panchayati Raj, Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, during the multi-layer farming training camp organized by Adya Organics and Milk Products Private Limited. Agriculture students and farmers from around the country have participated in this event which is organized in Nodia Sector 167.

During this three day multi-layer farming practical training camp from Friday, 14th February to 16th February, 2020, Honorable Shri Purshottam Rupala stated that, he is pleased that people in cities such as Delhi and Noida are serious about organic farming. Demand of a product is dependent on the world’s trend. The trend is changing; people are getting more conscious about their eating habits and have started to be concerned about calories in the food they eat. Shri Rupala stated that, in India, organic farming existed from ancient times and the farmers need to be made to understand this.

Organic farming expert, Deepak Nadvede, while addressing the attendees of this camp, questioned, “What are we giving to our future generations? If they ask us, why they are getting sick, what will be our answer?” He stated that, chemical free farming is necessary to provide the future generation with organic, pure and natural food.

Multi-layer farming expert Akash Chaurasia stated that, chemicals were required to be used during the green revolution to increase the yield; however, due to greed we have overdone it. To save the nature, organic farming is necessary. Our country has more hospitals and pharmacies/medical stores than schools. Heart patients are increasing in our country. The land is becoming barren due to use of chemicals. Akash further stated that, in our country farming profession is considered to be the worst. This is the reason why the youths stay away from farming. The basic skills of farming never got transferred to the next generation; farming which is an art got extinct.  In our country as well as around the world there is continuous shortage of water; therefore, to get rid of this shortage multi-layer farming is necessary. With multi-layer farming the rate of evaporation is decreased by 70-80%.

Shri R. K. Singha, Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha stated that it is necessary to increase the nurturing of indigenous native cows.  Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s dream is to double the income of farmers, for this, organic products are needed.