Trying to save agriculture from being ruined by lack of water


Water is an essential element for agriculture. As water scarcity is increasing horribly, can we imagine agriculture without water? But, if we grow five crops together on the same land, then the total input of fertilizers, pesticides, growth promoters of five crops is less than the input of one crop. water is less than 30%.

These things were said by organic agricultural scientist Sagar, Madhya Pradesh resident Akash Chaurasia during a one week residential program on “Multilayer Agriculture” at Aadya Organic’s Annapurna Farm, located in Dostpur Mangrauli village near Noida Sector 167-A. Said on the fifth day. On this occasion, Rashmi Singh, Special Secretary and Director, Ministry of Women and Child Development said that “Agriculture is the main means of livelihood of women in the country.It is a very happy concept to produce such a crop in a small space, so that farmers, especially women, get some economic benefit throughout the year.

Retired Chief Conservator of Forests of Uttar Pradesh, RK Singh, while talking about biodiversity said that “Nature decides its own beauty. If you understand this, you will understand biodiversity. Natural farming is possible only through biodiversity. National Manager of National Rural Livelihood Mission, Ministry of Rural Development, Rajiv Sinha also expressed his views in the program.

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