Women wellness and being

Women wellness is such an underrated topic that it is largely ignored than discussed. Women, the nurturers, take care of each family member but in the hustle-bustle of life, forget to take care of themselves. As we all know, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected each one of us in different ways and for women, the pandemic brought with itself, increased cases of obesity, diabetes, PCOD and PCOS and various hormonal issues. All of these issues can be traced down to only one thing i.e., inactivity or decreased physical movement. With the onset of COVID-19 pandemic, our lives took a 360 degree turn and disrupted it altogether. People were forced to lock themselves down, resulting in no physical activity.
But the pandemic has done more harm to our bodies than we can see. It has also reduced our stamina, affected our energy levels and made our lives almost dysfunctional. Here are some ways you can keep yourself fit and healthy and bring back your lost self:

Stretch Yourself

Stretching exercises and yoga are so underrated that people think that only gym or aerobics can help them lose weight or stay fit. Although, gym and aerobics are a quicker way to attain your fit self, stretching and yoga can be done on days where you cannot find the time to head out to the gym. Just 15 minutes of stretching exercises can keep bringing back your lost flexibility and help your muscles function better. Yoga is also a better, slower-but healthier way of losing weight. Yoga is easy and breezy, compared to the heavy intense workout at the gym.

Ditch the vehicle

Heading to the supermarket? Walk your way to it or ride a bicycle instead of choosing to commute using a car or scooty. Travelling to places through motor-vehicles also increases your physical activity and reduces your walking stamina. Walking helps regulate your body’s sugar levels and keep your hormones balanced. Infact, walking is suggested for people having PCOS as it helps regulate it.

Say no to junk

Sitting at home and wanting to order snacks online is a normal feeling. Do not worry, because choosing the right kind of snacks can bring a lot of positive changes to your body. In case you are looking for healthy snacks, check out “Adya Organics Women Wellness Cookies”, which are the healthiest cookies supporting women’s health. These cookies are gluten-free and contain shatavari herb — an ancient herb known to regulate our hormones. It keeps your weight in check as it contains date palm jaggery and not processed sugar. These cookies are also beneficial for lactating mothers as it is made from A2 milk and ghee and contains sattu, cinnamon powder, sesame and pumpkin seeds and delicious chocolate nibs.

Abandon soft drinks altogether

Spend your evenings sipping the infusion and organic tea instead of drinking sodas that are heavy on sugar and unhealthy for your body. Try Women Wellness Infusion Tea from Adya Organics that is rich in Shatavari, helping with PMS irregularities.