Winter Care Tips for a Healthy Body and Mind

Organic Sattu Powder

Winter is that time of the year that warms up every heart and can bring cheer to every face! With winters, you can relate to the feeling of enjoying a hot cup of coffee or your favorite hot chocolate on a chilly morning. Cuddling in your blanket and watching your favorite show with your loved ones. Enjoy hot comfort food at your home while watching the snowfall from your window!

However, to make the most of this season and avoid winter blues, it is important to remain active, stay energized, and be healthy. You can start with the below simple routine and follow basic winter care tips for a healthy body and mind.


  1. Eat healthily – Winter season is the best season to enjoy seasonal veggies and fruits. Make a wholesome meal and enjoy green leafy vegetables, nuts, and seeds in your diet. Relish highly nutritious meals such as Sattu ka Paratha for a winter breakfast made using Organic Sattu Powder.
  2. Spend some time outdoors – Go for a walk, do a workout at the park or do some gardening on your terrace and try to take some sunlight which is the primary source of Vitamin D for our body. It is said that even 15-20 minutes of sun exposure can ease gloomy winter mood and promote positive vibes.
  3. Exercise and stay active – It is very easy to get lethargic and snuggle in your blanket all day long during winters. But it is equally essential to make an effort to walk more, do some yoga or some exercise regularly to boost immunity and metabolism. You can start your day by adding Multi Flora Honey to a glass of lemon water which will boost your metabolism and give an energetic kickstart to your day!
  4. Consume Super Foods – The advent of winter can aggravate certain health conditions like arthritis and skin conditions like dryness, eczema etc. So it is necessary to have strong immunity and keep yourself warm and hydrated. Date Palm Jaggery Powder is known to regulate your body temperature, boost immunity and cleanse your liver and stomach for better digestion.
  5. Stay hydrated and moisturized – Dry skin and chapped lips are the common concerns for many during winters. Drink water throughout the day to stay hydrated. The use of Organic Coconut Oil can improve the moisture content of the skin and prevent your skin from drying.