What makes A2 milk better for you?

Ever wondered what kind of milk might be beneficial for you? With the introduction of new brands each day with their dairy products in the market, it has almost become impossible to figure out which milk is most healthy for our body. The regular milk available in the market contains A1 beta casein protein – a protein that is found in buffalo milk. Though A1 milk is healthy, it is a little heavy on your stomach and sometimes triggers digestive issues in older people. In such a case, choosing A2 milk might be the best option.

The rising popularity of A2 milk

Organic products like A2 milk and A2 desi ghee have been gaining popularity in recent times. Have you ever wondered what A2 products are or why A2 milk is better for health than regular milk? Following are some points that might throw light on the quality of A2 milk:

  • A2 milk is extracted using 100% organic methods – from grass-fed Gir cows. These cows are healthy, have a good immunity, less blood sugar levels and body fat. They produce the best quality A2- grade milk.
  • A2 milk contains A2 Beta-casein protein that breaks-down into amino acids which can easily be absorbed by the body. A2 milk is therefore good for digestion.

Health benefits

A2 milk has several health benefits. Rich in calcium, phosphorus and potassium, A2 Cow milk is suitable for all ages. Here are some more benefits of the A2 milk:

  • A2 protein is necessary to strengthen teeth and bones of infants, kids as well as adults.
  • Helps maintain healthy blood pressure levels, good cholesterol (HDL) levels and improve overall health of the body.
  • Rich in vitamins A, D and B12 as well as Omega-3 fatty acids required for better metabolism and good immunity.
  • There has been an increase in cases of Vitamin deficiencies and health problems and A2 milk can certainly be one magical solution to such health problems.

A2 milk is Organic

As A2 milk is new to the Indian market, there aren’t many companies providing it to their customers. A2 milk is usually found in collective or individual farms where milk is collected from cows without any adulteration or processing. Therefore, the A2 milk is the purest form of milk available in the market currently. Adya Organics is one such brand selling fresh A2 milk to your doorstep. Come, try it sometime!