Ways to strengthen your immune system on rainy days!

The monsoon season has spread its wings across the entire Indian sub-continent and people are enjoying the weather, drenching in rain and cooking delicious fritters at home. But the rain brings with itself various germs, bacteria and viruses as well. Hence, it is important to evaluate your diet and include certain foods that can help strengthen your immunity during this rainy season. Here are some suggestions that can help you keep build a strong immune system:

Vitamin C- enriched foods

Vitamin C has gained popularity in recent COVID-riddled times due to its miraculous healing properties. Fruits and vegetables that contain Vitamin C include oranges, lemon, bell peppers, papaya, kiwi and spinach. Vitamin C is known to help the body fight cold and also help make more White Blood Cells (WBC) that shield your body from various diseases. It’s time to bring some citrus to your life by incorporating Vitamin C to your diet.


An important ingredient in Indian food and especially, chai, ginger is a great immunity booster known to fight common cold, cough and sore throat infections. Ginger is also known to reduce inflammation, chronic pain and lower cholesterol levels. Check out Adya Organics Ginger Powder, if you want to skip the hassle of cutting and chopping ginger every time you want to cook something.


Garlic is added to enhance the taste of many of the popular Indian foods like curries and lentils. But it is not just a tastemaker, it also contains sulfur, known to improve your immunity. Garlic is good for the stomach as it has antibacterial properties that help fight infections. Consuming garlic on an empty stomach can help reduce acid formation inside your stomach and food pipe.

Moong Dal Khichdi

For years, our ancestors have recommended Khichdi to their kids and family members during times when they were sick. In case you have fallen prey to this rainy weather and have ended up catching a seasonal-flu, moong dal khichdi can help you recover. It’s light on your stomach and rich in protein, giving your body the required energy and nutrients. Tip: Prepare your khichdi using Organic Moong Dal and Organic Sonamasuri Rice from Adya Organics and top it with our A2 desi ghee if you want your khichdi to be extra nutritious and super tasty!


Are the rainy days making you chilly? Try a pinch of lemon and a spoonful of honey to cure all your illnesses. Extracted from nature and made by bees, honey is a great immunity builder that can be added to a bowl of oats and drinks like shikanji Want to check Adya Organics range of raw honey? From Acacia to simple raw honey, we have it all.