Ways to include vitamins in your diet!

Gluten Free Coconut Cookies

Covid has made all of us take a U-turn in terms of what we eat today. People nowadays are wary of consuming food just for taste or pleasure. Munching on is being discouraged. Has all of this affected the way you look at food? If it has, we are going to tell you some awesome ways by which you can eat a healthy and balanced diet without having to make your food boring or tasteless.

Consume All Organic

Organic is a buzz word that has reached all of our ears and kitchens by now. But a substantial population in India still continues to consume non-organic products. Organic food might be a little expensive on your pocket but it saves you from a variety of diseases. Therefore, consuming Organic food is encouraged widely. Products that are organically made and grown are more nutritious as they are rich in fibre, potassium, calcium, protein etc. Organic fruit and vegetables, for e.g., are grown without the usage of chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides. Organic rice and wheat flour are also free from pesticides making them more nutritious. Because these harmful chemicals are absent from such crops, the harvest tends to be more nutritious compared to chemically grown crops. See? Just by consuming all-organic, you make your life a little simple and Vitamin-enriched!

Encourage healthy snacking

Inclusion of healthy snack bites like sugar and refined wheat flour-free cookies can make you go a long way. It is said that constant snacking and munching is almost always behind an unhealthy lifestyle and weight gain. Therefore, eating guilt-free snacks is the option. If you are looking for a healthy alternative to maida cookies, Adya Organics’ range of cookies will be a delight for you. Our range of cookies include coconut cookies, date palm jaggery cookies, women wellness cookies cookies, til cookies, jeera cookies etc. We hope you’ll love them. These cookies are rich in Vitamins and minerals and provide you with a good amount of nutrients, keeping you healthy and fit.

Increasing vitamins without increasing portion size

It is not possible for any of us to fit all the vitamins and minerals in one meal. Sometimes, we miss eating protein and include more carbohydrates, while sometimes, we tend to consume more fat. For example, adding Moringa powder to your diet can provide you with a boost of vitamins and minerals, without having to increase food on your plate. Moringa powder is a superfood that helps in boosting immunity and fights bacteria and viruses in your body. Rich in amino acids, the powder boosts energy levels and restores lost minerals and vitamins in your body. Similarly, addition of kale powder to your health drinks and smoothies can help clear digestive track and keep your digestive system clean and healthy.