Summer favorite Sweet Mango Pickle (Aam ka Achar) for your health!

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Also known as the king of fruits, mango is a top favorite among many people. Although the seasonal fruit is a limited edition one, but we can savor its delectable sweet and sour side with our unique homemade sweet mango pickle from Adya Organics throughout the season. Raw and firm fresh mangoes from our farms in Uttarakhand are used for making this Organic Sweet Mango Pickle. This 100% pure pickle has a combination of traditional and authentic flavours made using mustard oil taken from the mustard seeds using kohlu method. Then it is combined with flavorsome ingredients such as jaggery powder, cumin seeds, turmeric powder, kalonji, chili powder, fennel seeds to make this a delectable Sweet Mango Pickle.

Try our seasonal sweet mango pickle mix to get its health benefits

Aids in digestion

This sweet mango pickle helps in clearing the digestive tracts and helps in digestion.

Detoxify liver

Having a healthy liver is vital for our health. Rather than taking expensive treatment and pills, you should look for mango as a side-effect free natural remedy for liver ailments.

Have antioxidants

Antioxidants are micronutrients to protect body from free radicals. Sweet mango pickle has high amount of antioxidants. As the unripe mangoes are fresh stored without cooking, the antioxidants in raw fruits are freshly preserved meaning that it is beneficial for the body.

Great immune system booster

As the main ingredient in the pickle is raw mango, they also have inculcated goodness. You get vitamin C, vitamin A and other immunity boosting nutrients in this homemade mango pickle. The vital mango vitamins help your body to effectively fight diseases after making more white blood cells.

Controls blood disorders

With higher vitamin C content, it helps in regulating blood disorders like anaemia, clots etc. It also helps in decreasing blood vessel elasticity while assisting body to make blood cells.

Homemade Aam ka Achar: Adya Organics</

With a single spoon of flavorsome organic aam ka achar, you can effortlessly generate your endorphins. Pick a spoon and start savoring it with parathas, rotis or rice whenever you want to. The traditional Mango Pickle has many benefits and purpose to add it to the regular diet since ancient times. One would be surprised to know about nutritional and health benefits of sweet mango pickle.

Other Nutritional Benefits

  • Helpful in weight loss plan
  • Antioxidant rich profile
  • Has high nutritional value
  • High in Fiber and has Abundance of vitamin K
  • Also, helpful to relive nausea, digestion, motion sickness and appetite loss

All pickles from Adya Organics are prepared just like we prepare pickle at home and are free of any preservatives or unnatural ingredients. Our organic sweet mango pickle is the closest thing you can have to home prepared pickles and the taste speaks for itself.