Raw Honey – Is It Really Sweet As It Tastes?


While we roam around being scared of bees, we should know how bees help us with the most natural food on Mother Earth. In case you are not a fan of honey bees, remember they give us honey. The Almighty has blessed bees with the power to create the tastiest substances present on earth and that’s called ‘Raw Honey’.

The presence of pollen makes it the most magical food. Natural honey is not just good for adding in tea but has many more significant properties which makes it a unique natural substance.

Simply stating, raw honey is present in the beehives.

  • The natural honey from the beehive has pollen, little quantity of bee wax, enzymes like invertase and diastase. However, after undertaking the process it has no pollen or enzymes left.
  • The processing has many inclusions like heating, filtration(ultra), the addition of anti-granulation substances.
  • If you are wondering why the process is undertaken then you must know that to make the fresh honey look beautiful to the eyes, its natural essence is removed.

Now the best thing to do is take the raw road! Yes, that is true. To enjoy the magic of this magical food chooses raw honey which has all the nutrients. Raw honey is completely natural and unprocessed. It is beneficial for health, treatment of allergies, skincare, teeth health, and more.

Benefits Of Raw Honey For Weight Loss

  1. Honey is filled with minerals and vitamins that are good for boosting energy and gaining immunity. This is helpful to stay active and work more.
  2. Honey is highly beneficial for weight loss as it helps in leveling up the metabolism which results in fat burn. It is an excellent way for reducing gains and obesity.
  3. Honey has low levels of glycemic index as it has higher fructose content. One of the studies about diabetes showed that consumption of natural honey can reduce body weight. At the same time, diabetic people need to keep exercising while consuming raw honey as well since it can raise the hemoglobin A(1C) levels.
  4. Honey is the best source of prebiotic that clears the digestive system by the removal of toxic wastes from the body.
  5. Honey burns more body fat if taken before bedtime with tea.

This pretty much sums up the question a lot of us ask, how much organic honey per day for weight loss?

How To Use Natural Honey For Weight Gain?

Undoubtedly, honey is the healthiest alternative for general sugar as it has powerful antioxidant content. Honey is a sweet liquid-like food that is taken from the nectar of the flowering plants. The bees collect the nectar, consume and digest it, and further recapitulate it in the beehive for producing raw honey.

One teaspoon of honey has 64 calories, 17 grams of carbs without fat, fiber, and protein. It has a presence of micronutrients such as zinc, iron, and potassium.

Honey is used for weight gain, now let us see how natural honey is used in our bodies.

  • The energy in our body is present in fats and sugar. Sugar holds an important aspect in our body that is for a shorter duration of time and intense energy need, like for lifting weight.
  • This being the reason, exercise helps gain weight because it uses stored sugar in the muscles which result in storing it as fat.
  • One tablespoon of honey is equal to the performance of improvement gels which are used by athletes during marathons which comes at different costs.
  • Natural honey has simple sugar, not the complex carbs that break down slowly in the body. More energy is stored as fat, instead of getting burned in the muscle tissues because honey has a nature of breaking down quickly in the body.
  • As per American research, it is crucial to have a higher level of carbohydrates after a good workout.
  • Honey helps in the maintenance of the carbohydrate level in the body. Higher is the concentration of carbs in raw honey, the better it is for storing it in the body after the physical activity session.
  • It builds mass and fat tissues to offer body energy and hence healing the muscles. More calories help in gaining weight. As per the published studies, it has been mentioned that carbs with proteins after an energetic workout can recover muscle energy.
  • Choosing raw honey over other sugars is helpful to improve heart health. One of the animal studies has innovated that consuming fresh honey lowers systolic blood pressure as well.

For good health and better results, always go for raw honey as it is unfiltered and natural. The benefits of pure honey for weight health involve maintenance of blood sugar level, physical exertion after a good workout, healing muscles from damages, and restoring glycogen level.

Now, let us spill some magical facts about pure honey

  • Although honey is produced all over the world, however, fresh honey prefers to have its home in some US states like South Dakota, Utah, and Florida are regarded as the “Beehive State”.
  • Honey is the only food consumed by humans that are produced by an insect.
  • “No Spoiler Alert” Pure honey is the only food substance that does not spoil for years. If it is stored in an airtight container, then honey holds an eternal shelf life.
  • A lot of reports suggest that edible honey can still be found in a thousand-year-old tomb of Egyptians.
  • It does not get spoiled as it is acidic naturally and has lower moisture which makes it an uninhabitable environment for bacteria.
  • During the 11th century, Germans used fresh honey as a valuable commodity. It was regarded so valuable that even the payments were made in terms of honey. Honey was also used for adding sweetness to the beer.
  • Honey can be used for treating allergies as well. But, remember it should be local honey as it has allergens of local plants.
  • Honey is the best natural soother as it has every ingredient to keep us alive.
  • Natural honey is found in different types like a wildflower, clover, buckwheat, eucalyptus honey. The greater is the number of each honey and the same signifies the dark color.
  • Honey can be self-produced also. A lot of people are interested in keeping it in their backyard as there have been many global concerns about honeybee loss.

Well, honey really does wonders!

By including healthy and sweet natural honey in your regular diet will help you experience all these amazing benefits to stay healthy consistently!

Raw Honey – Is It Really Sweet As It Tastes?