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Get an assortment of crunchy, yummy, and healthy til, jeera, and coconut cookies, A2 Ghee, a selection of honey, and a jaggery sachet with this box.

TIL Cookies
Our til cookies are filled with the goodness of til and jaggery and contain no sugar or added preservatives

Size: 250 gms

Jeera Cookies
Our Jeera Cookies are filled with the goodness of jeera, himalayan pink salt and jaggery and contain no sugar or added preservatives

Size: 250 gms

Snack on our coconut cookies that are filled with the goodness of coconut, and organic jaggery

Size: 250 gms

Date Palm Jaggery made from the sap of naturally grown date palm trees is rich in essential nutrients and is an energy booster

Size: 250 gms

Adya Organic’s Raw Multi Flora Honey is collected by our expert bee-keepers naturally from beehives at our organic farms

Size: 250 gms

Our single-origin/ Monofloral Eucalyptus honey has a strong and intense flavour which makes it everyone’s favourite

Size: 250 gms

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  • A2 Milk Ghee prevents heart blockage and migraine, keeping your mind and heart healthy
  • Rich in protein, fiber, calcium, manganese, iron & magnesium
  • Raw organic honey is a natural energy booster that revives energy as soon as it enters the bloodstream
  • Rich in iron, magnesium, potassium, calcium and phosphorous.
    Fantastic Caramel aroma.
  • They are rich source of nutrients and vitamins.
  • Coconut inside these cookies provides good cholesterol, which helps boost your heart health
  • Excellent combination of til, jaggery and wheat helps boost digestion

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3 reviews for The Wellness Box 1
  1. Meenakshi Singh

    With everyone talking about immunity post coronavirus pandemic, I became very conscious in my eating and buying choices. Recently, I received this gift box from Adya Organics by one of my friends. I was very happy to see the box of healthy products. I mean it’s a well thought gifting solution that is so innovative. The best part is that it’s all natural and healthy. I am really looking forward to trying out other boxes too.

  2. Prakash Salve

    Every year, I give my sister something different on Rakshabandhan. This year I gifted the Basic Box by Adya Organics, and guess what? She liked it so much that I felt my effort was worth it. The box had an interesting mix of healthy Cookies, Jaggery, Honey, and Ghee. I feel it’s the best gifting option for your near and dear one. Now I am thinking of surprising my friends with this box full of sweet & natural

  3. Govind Patel

    It’s a common belief that healthy is not tasty. I too believed it till I tried out the Adya Organics box. Firstly, I was amazed to see the packaging and presentation and when I tasted the cookies, especially the til cookies, I became a fan. Wah! that was my emotion after tasting it. I am now using the other products, and I am completely sold out. This is what I call the box of happiness!

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