Picnic Basket

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4 kg

This box has everything you need for the perfect picnic – organic sattu laddus, til and coconut cookies, original multiflora honey, pure A2 Ghee, and more. It’s Flavorful and Fun!

Adya Organics’ 100% pure ghee is extracted from nutritious A2-grade milk. A2 milk is healthier for human consumption and collected indigenous Gir Cows.

Size: 500 ml

Adya Organics provides 100% pure sattu stone ground that is considered to be an indigenous superfood rich in protein and fiber

Size: 1 kg

TIL Cookies
Our til cookies are filled with the goodness of til and jaggery and contain no sugar or added preservatives

Size: 250 gms

We tried to make your childhood memories a little sweeter with our Sweet Peti! The Sattu Sweet Peti is loaded with nutritious.

Size: 1 kg

Snack on our coconut cookies that are filled with the goodness of coconut, and organic jaggery

Size: 250 gms

Date Palm Jaggery made from the sap of naturally grown date palm trees is rich in essential nutrients and is an energy booster.

Size: 400 gms

Adya Organic’s Raw Multi Flora Honey is collected by our expert bee-keepers naturally from beehives at our organic farms

Size: 500 gms

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  • A2 Milk Ghee prevents heart blockage and migraine, keeping your mind and heart healthy
  • Rich in protein, fiber, calcium, manganese, iron & magnesium
  • Raw organic honey is a natural energy booster that revives energy as soon as it enters the bloodstream
  • Rich in iron, magnesium, potassium, calcium and phosphorous.
    Fantastic Caramel aroma.
  • They are rich source of nutrients and vitamins.
  • Coconut inside these cookies provides good cholesterol, which helps boost your heart health
  • Excellent combination of til, jaggery and wheat helps boost digestion


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3 reviews for Picnic Basket
  1. Rachna Dixit

    It’s always good to carry your own products when going for family outings and picnics. After recovering from coronavirus, I made it a point to eat only healthy products and buy only from trusted sources. I ordered the Picnic Basket from Adya Organics and was too happy to discover the products. The basket contains something for everyone in the family. My kids loved the cookies, while my husband loved the Multiflora Honey. I, being an exception, liked the A2 Ghee and laddus. Its so healthy and flavorful that I will order more products individually.

  2. Anuradha Naik

    I don’t know how the company thought of this Picnic Basket… I loved this concept. The basket has a curated mix of products that is the need of everyday living. Ghee, cookies, honey, laddu and what not…it’s the best. I liked Sattu so much that I included it in my daily diet. Sattu drink, sattu paratha, and other sattu dishes…it’s so pure and natural that I now think of sharing it with my friends and relatives.

  3. Suresh Sivan

    This company is around two decades old but unfortunately I never got a chance to try their products. Recently one of my colleagues gave me their multiflora honey for trial. And it is mind blowing. I have this habit of having honey with hot water every morning. This honey changed my perspective towards honey. It’s so pure and tasty. Now I have ordered their Picnic Basket and am so excited to use the products. Hope the other products are equally good.

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