Superfood combo


200 ml

This combo contains a bottle of 100ml each of Multiflora Honey & A2 Ghee

A2 Ghee is Extracted from the A2 Grade Milk, Adya Organics A2 Milk Ghee is is a healthy & premium desi ghee that is incredibly flavourful & nutritious ghee rich in Omega-3 and fatty acids. Adya’s 100% pure ghee is one of its kind because of the Bilona method used in its extraction. Our farms are situated in Dehradun where the cows are kept, fed and ghee is churned for further selling. Packed in a glass jar, its quality and golden texture remains the same throughout the jar. The consumption of cow ghee has been in the picture from ancient times and is considered to be a superfood and immunity booster.

Adya Organics 100% Pure Multi Flora Honey recommended by Luke Coutinho contains nature’s secret to a healthy life. Usage of honey has been in existence since the advent of human existence and it continues to be in our household kitchens to date. Organic Honey is rich in antioxidants and comprises an array of nutrients that helps build an energetic and healthy body. It is a natural immunity booster that helps improve digestion and gut health.

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Benefits of Multiflora Honey:

  • 100% pure, unprocessed and raw honey
  • Chemical-free and Preservatives-free honey filtered without heating
  • No artificial colours or preservatives added
  • Glass bottle packaging for environment-friendly practises
  • Powerhouse of carbohydrates, natural sugars and minerals
  • Natural and healthy sugar substitute
  • Perfect for daily consumption as it is low on calories
  • Keeps away heart diseases as it is rich in antioxidants
  • Liquid gold for your skin and hair

Benefits of A2 Ghee:

  • Consumption and application of 100% pure and A2 cow ghee can help assist arthritis pains and provide relief from joint pains. Ghee is a natural lubricant that helps improve the bone density of the knees.
  • Being rich in Omega-3 and 6, this Desi Gir Cow ghee is proven to improve heart health and help maintain weight. Cow Ghee is a better alternative than other forms of fat such as butter. Ghee doesn’t include bad fats that might harm your heart’s health. It also keeps at bay life-threatening diseases like cancer etc.
  • Adya Organics Ghee improves your digestion capacity as it is known to enhance the absorption of food in the small intestine. It also helps decrease the acid present in the gastrointestinal tract that might irritate otherwise


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