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Adya organics milk Rusk unmasks the dusk or dullness and brings briskness to all the individuals who consume. Adya organics milk Rusk are marvelous in their appearance and generate mouthwatering sensation. The batter is baked twice to develop rich, gritty in texture and crunchy in taste. These Adya organics milk Rusk are highly nutritious can be chewed as snacks during morning and evening tea time. Milk being a great source of energy packed with nutrition. This milk rusk contains the goodness of milk, giving your day a kick start, soak rusk in your glass with a subtle aroma of milk. Finally bite into the crunchy milky delight. Adya organics have been able to introduce products which are a value for many from all classes of people. We have the best of ingredients with their natural goodness packaged into our products without any compromise, as our priority is to serve healthy, delicious, and fresh food. Taste and trust are constantly working on the same principle. Give a moment to yourself and try our delicious alternatives which gives you more go.
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  • Crisp and Taste
  • Prepared in Traditional Oven
  • Dispatched Fresh
  • Must be dipped in Tea/Milk for best taste
  • Serves as a perfect snack


Banana Avo Shake topped with Farmed with Love Amaranth Lean Muesli


  • 250ml Adya A2 milk
  • One ripe organic Avocado
  • 2 Organic bananas
  • few drops of Vanilla essence
  • Spoonful of Adya Raw unprocessed honey (for those who like it sweeeet!)
  • Blend all the ingredients in a nutribullet!
  • Top it up with the yummy and super healthy Farmed with love amaranth lean museli and enjoy!
Banana Avo Shake topped with Farmed with Love Amaranth Lean Muesli

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