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We know that mango is the king of fruits. But do you know who is the king of mangoes?

Malda’ mango of the Digha Ghat region of Patna, Bihar is also known as the king of mangoes.
With its thin skin, small seed, less fibre, milking yellow pulp, and unique sweet aroma, are was considered among the best by connoisseurs.
These mangoes are directly from the farms of Bhagalpur of Bihar. This is sweeter and has a unique smell. It has a thinner cover as compared to other types of mangoes.
Malda, also known as ‘King of Mangoes’ in Bihar is completely non-fibrous, making it a good pick for chutneys. It is sweet-sour in flavour and is pulpy and delicious.

How to identify: It has a thinner cover as compared to other types of mangoes and has a sweet aroma.
This is a famous variety of mango cultivated in Bihar and is famously irrigated with milk is gaining popularity in many countries.
This variety was brought from what is today Pakistan; irrigated with milk, and hence given the name that translates as Milky Malda (Malda being the place). In the world of mango cultivators, if Lucknow’s Dusseri is the queen of mangoes then Digha’s Malda is the king.
In Bihar, Dudhiya Malda is known as the King of Mango.
Malda mango is also grown in Bhagalpur and some other districts of Bihar, but the taste of milky Malda of Digha Ghat is quite different from it. This variety is famous for its sweetness, distinctive colour, smell, and more pulp and thinner kernels and peels.

Storing Period: 3-4 Days

Packaging Size Available: 2kg box and 5kg box

Packaging Type Available: Carton

Source Origin: Bihar

Mango Condition: Unripe mangoes (2-3days to ripe)

*Please note that the item(s) shown in this picture may vary in size and colour.

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  • Helps in digestion
  • Boosts Immunity
  • Promotes Healthy Gut
  • Promotes eye health
  • Lowers Cholesterol
  • Clears the Skin
  • Aids Weight Loss



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