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Oregano is a culinary herb which is used mostly in continental cooking. It is ideal for pastas,pizzas and various grilled,Preserves and barbecued recipes.Since the dried herbs release their flavours and essential oils on heating,they should be added while the cooking process is going on. All Muskotia herbs are shade dried,hence they retain their colour,taste and essential oils.


Herbs, Herbal tea and Tea-Zahn containing products are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease or illness. Consult a physician regarding the applicability of any information or recommendations with respect to any symptoms or medical condition. Consult Doctor if you are Pregnant, on medication or breast feeding before drinking any Herbal Tea. Herbs and Herbal tea blends may differ from batch to batch. We are not responsible nor represent any endorsement for the content contained in third-party studies on Herbs and herbal teas.

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  • Apart from its wonderful flavoring,oregano is high in calcium and thus good for bones.
  • To keep our bodies free of disease,ideally,our bodies shoul be 70% alkaline and 30% acidic
  • This herb helps in keeping our body alkaline and at the same time,gives us strong bones



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  1. Raju Mahera

    Very Good Quality, Very Fresh Product,
    Adya Organics Products Are Always Delicious and Fresh…

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