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Adya’s Jau Sattu is made from dry roasted barley grains. Consuming it every day keeps you healthy and protects you from several health ailments, this flour has Low Glycaemic Index and is rich in Dietary Fibre! It increases your satiety and reduces appetite, lowering your overall calorie intake. The fibre in barley also promotes better digestion,lowers cholesterol, and thereby making it a superfood during summers.

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  • When consumed in proper quantities it helps in detoxifying the blood and boosts energy and immunity.
  • Adya’s jau sattu powder is 100% natural, stone grounded and free from chemicals, preservatives.
  • Jau sattu powder is 100% natural, stone grounded and free from chemicals, preservatives.
  • Natural; Made from the best quality dry roasted barley grains.
  • Hand crushed; It energizes and refreshes immediately on consumption.
  • Chemical free; Sattu is a nutritious indigenous drink and has cooling effect on the body as well.
  • 100% Pure, Non Gmo; It is natural and can be consumed by all age groups.

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Salted Sattu Drink


  • Adya Organics Sattu- 2 Spoons
  • Water (Chilled) – 1 Glass
  • Roasted Cumin/Coriander- As Per Preference
  • Rock Salt- 1 Pinch

Sattu Salt Drink


  • 1Step:1
    Mix everything in the glass of water well. You can use buttermilk instead of water and can even add fresh coriander leaves, which is traditionally added to enhance the flavor in Bihar region.
8 reviews for Jau Sattu
  1. Raju kumar

    its good

  2. Aruj Kapur

    i using product, Very good. good experience. thank of adya organics.

  3. Daljit Kuar

    Good product.. Timely delivery..

  4. Ajay Modi

    I am using this jau sattu for immune booster.

  5. Vikram Batra

    I m using daily Sattu in my diet plan, I tried many others brands, but it is very nice. Helpful for health.

  6. Jahid Saikh

    This sattu tastes good

  7. Manoj Shah

    Very Nice Product. I have used this products. very good experience. thanks for adya organics.

  8. Manoj Shah

    I have been using this products for 2 month. very google experience. thanks for adya organics.

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