Combo of 3 Organic Natural Gulaal


300 gms

Herbal Gulal: Your skin’s BFF!

The colorful fun-filled festival of love, positivity and happiness ‘Holi’ is around the corner now. And so is the meeting and greeting your loved ones with colors! We all love to play with Gulal on Holi, but are often left with skin irritation, rash or skin infections after the festival is over. Most of the colours that are available in the market contain chemicals that can harm our skin or eyes, making us almost want to stop using them. But, Adya Organics has come up with a solution for all those Holi lovers out there!

Adya Organics Herbal Gulal is a skin friendly, all herbal gulal made with natural ingredients that are sustainable and handcrafted with love. Our herbal gulal comes in 3 variants – green, pink and yellow colours and is absolutely chemical-free and all natural. Our Herbal Yellow Gulal is made using non-toxic Gulab Jal (rose water), Turmeric and Chandan (sandalwood) powder that gives it a natural yellow colour. Herbal Pink Gulal is made of of non-toxic Gulab Jal and Beetroot. Whereas, our Herbal Green Gulal is made using non-toxic Gulab Jal and Palak (spinach) leaves, giving it a soothing green colour. The ingredients are blended with drops of essential oils and have no added fragrance in them. The colours contain a natural soothing fragrance that does not irritate your skin. Also, with no added artificial colours, the gulal gets easily washed off from your skin and leaves no stain on your clothes.

Not only is the Adya Organics Gulal eco-friendly and safe for the environment, but it is also safe for the kids. It is important to note that chemical-induced gulal can fall into someone’s eye and cause irritation, redness and in the worst cases, damage to eyesight. In such a case, using Organic Gulal colours can save your loved ones from a potentially dangerous situation. Also, animals, especially stray dogs mostly fall victim to chemical colors during Holi. The Gulal colours available in the market can also cause skin rashes or irritation to pet animals as well. But with Adya Organics, you can play safe Holi with everyone. The herbal colors are 100% sustainable and safe for your family, friends, kids and your pets.

Care: Store in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Directions:  Apply on forehead or cheeks, keep away from eyes.

Colour: Slight difference in colour from the visible product image is possible.

DISCLAIMER:  We try to get the products delivered close to the festival. However, your product may be delivered prior or after the selected date of delivery, so we request to please place the order till 15th March,2022

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    • Stainfree
    • Safe for environment
    • Safe for Kids
    • Safe for Animals
    • Safe to the Skin, Eco Friendly.
    • With refreshing drops of essential oils, this Gulaal has a natural soothing fragrance. & Can be washed off easily and does not leave any permanent stains
    • These colors have a Natural Fragrance. Completely safe for everyone.

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