We Consume More Chemicals than USA – 11th July 2018


As per the Chancellor of Chankaya National Law University, Justice Mrudul Mishra, Indians consume more chemical infested food due to lack of education among farmers.

There was a lecture held at the university on the topic of “Organic Farming & the Desi Cow” where Justice Mishra explained that due to the heavy use of pesticides, cow’s milk has now become laden with pesticides.

“Due to the heave use of pesticides to sustain the green and white revolution, we lost more than what we gained.” As per Justice Mishra.

Member of Parliament, Shri RK Sinha explained that due to the heavy use of pesticides, we are losing our health across board and due to the low quality of milk from western breed cows, children’s health is getting affected.

A chair in the honor of Shri RK Sinha was announced at the end of the program. This chair will focus on organic farming research and development.

Rashtriya Sahara

Focus on Organic Farming to Save Us from Harmful Chemicals – 11th July 2018


At AN College, Patna, on the occasion of Shri Satyendra Narayan Sinha memorial lecture, Talks were delivered on topics related to organic farming, harmful pesticides, desi cows vs. western breeds etc.

Member of Parliament, Shri RK Sinha said that “In ancient India, we used to farm organically for our needs, but we didn’t use chemicals and pesticide but today we use pesticides and chemicals heavily”.

As per Shri RK Sinha “we must go back to our ancestral methods and to using desi cows for a healthier future”.

Hon’ble Justice Shri Mrudul Mishra added that “we have fallen into a trap of using harmful chemicals and pesticides which helped us usher in green and white revolution but now we have to move away from chemicals and towards organic farming”.