Natural sweeteners for your health!

Granulated sugar is an essential ingredient used in most food products today. But many research scholars say it is dangerous to the overall health. High sugar diet can lead to the risk of developing diabetes, weight gain, acne, blood pressure issue and other health concerns. So, it becomes important to replace cane or refined sugar with natural sweeteners in daily use for a healthy modern lifestyle.

Types of Natural Sweeteners available in the market


Honey is one of the best sweetening things that came long before granulated sugar, and many other sweeteners came on the scene. Honey is naturally made by bees from the nectar, collected from different flowers. It is derived from a natural source and is the right choice for a healthy living. Honey contains vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that keep your body strong and increases immunity so it can fight off many diseases. It is used in many food products like baking, desserts, and beverages.


It is produced from a natural plant. Dry powder and liquid stevia are available in the market. It is more than 200 to 300 times sweeter than regular table sugar. The crucial aspect is that stevia can reduce the cravings for foods that are made with sweeteners and unhealthy fat-caused foods. Therefore, it also helps in weight loss.

 Date Palm Jaggery

Date Palm Jaggery is produced at from the sap of naturally grown date palms of our farms to make it available in the market. It is known to be enriched in vitamins, iron, potassium and helps to naturally cleanse the body and aids digestion.

 Natural Sweeteners Vs Sugar

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