Mindful eating during the festive season!

Festivals bring joy and prosperity to our lives, but with joy often comes unhealthy and unmonitored eating. We often forget our diet plans and consume too many sweets and fried items which leads to overeating. Do you also feel guilty for overindulging post- festivals? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Here are some suggestions following which you can celebrate your festivals in a disciplined yet fun manner.

Ditch the sweets

If you want to stay healthy and fit even after all the festivities are over, replacing sweets with organic sugar-free cookies may be the best option. Here’s why:

  • Most sweets available in the market are adulterated (daily cases of adulterated mawa being used in them). On the contrary, Adya Organics Cookies are 100% free from any adulteration or colour.
  • Most sweets have processed sugar in them which can disturb the insulin levels in your body. Adya Organics cookies are sugar-free and contain jaggery as a sweetener.
  • Most sweets contain all-purpose flour in them which can expose your stomach to digestive issues. Our 100% organic cookies are made using 100% gluten-free flour (ragi, makka, bajra, kala chana flour etc) that keeps your gut-strength in check.

Adya Organics have a wide variety of cookies namely, chocolate-coco cookies, chocolate til cookies, cumin cookies, coconut cookies, til gur cookies, and a lot more.

Treat yourself with a healthy dessert

While it is easy for a lot of us to replace sweets with other healthy eatables, some of us might actually miss having to eat them. Not to forget the need for sweets as offerings to gods in the form of prasad during pooja. Wondering how we can still eat them? Read below:

  • Choose homemade desserts/sweets instead of buying ready-made ones from sweet shops.
  • Use all-organic ingredients. Believe us, organic is super-delish and healthy at the same time.
  • Replace the processed sugar with date palm jaggery as it does not increase the blood sugar levels in your body and also keeps you fit.

Try a variety of flours (chana flour, wheat flour, Makka flour) to make halwa as prasad from our Adya Organics’ pantry. Try making rice kheer from Adya Organics 100% natural and rich-in-fiber Sona masuri rice. You can also explore processed sugar alternatives to make your kheer or halwa super healthy. Do not forget to use our A2 milk and desi ghee for all your preparations. Happy indulging!