Luke’s 5 favourite products!

Eating healthy and staying fit is always a challenge for most of us. What we consume makes a difference to our health. Modern problems associated with nutrition and health require a holistic approach to find the best solution. And who better than Luke Coutinho — the Founder of Holistic Healing Systems and the Lifestyle Ambassador for Fit India Movement — to guide you in the right direction?

As Luke believes in ethically sourced organic food as much as we do, we thought his choices might reflect the best lifestyle for you. Find below Adya Organics products that are curated by Luke Coutinho himself:


A paradise for all vegans, sattu is rich in fibre and protein, making it a perfect substitute for dairy and poultry products. It is one of Luke’s favourite flours because it is enriched with calcium and several vitamins and minerals. Known to reduce sugar levels, organic chana sattu flour also acts as a great weight watcher.

Organic Cookies

Luke is super conscious of the food that we consume and knows that we all love to munch. For this very reason, he has chosen our fresh homemade cookies which are filled with the goodness of health and have a lip-smacking taste! Enjoy no-maida and no sugar cookies that are guilt-free and loaded with essential nutrients.

 Date Palm Jaggery Powder


Adya Organics Date Palm Jaggery Powder is prepared by sun-drying date palms and then hand-crushing them without any machine usage. It is a healthy sweetener and acts as a natural alternative to cane or refined sugar. Date palm jaggery provides the body with essential vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, and B12 and also aids digestion Already a household favourite, Date Palm Jaggery is also one of Luke’s go-to natural sweeteners.

 Multiflora Honey

Brought to you straight from the Himalayas and one of Luke Coutinho’s favourites, Multi flora honey is made by bees in a place far away from pollution. This organic honey is collected from the nectar of different flowers and is enriched in antioxidants. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, making it an antiseptic medicine for wounds and burns. Consuming honey can help soothe a sore throat and fight the common cold.

Mustard Oil

Get your eyes on the nature-gifted mustard oil that tops the charts of Luke’s most loved oils of all times. This oil is the powerhouse of Omega 3 and Omega 6, making it one of the healthiest oils. It has strong antibacterial and anti-fungal properties which helps in curing skin infections and treating dry scalp and dandruff. Grab mustard-goodness