Healthy snacks for your hunger pangs!

How often do we stop ourselves from snacking because a packet of chips or that bite of a cookie brings so much guilt inside us? We munch on them and regret later, don’t we? It is said that more than junk food, the guilt of consuming it makes us more vulnerable to the ill effects of it. Therefore, it becomes imperative to keep a check on the snacks that we consume so that we can munch guilt-free. We can always read the ingredients of the snacks we buy so that we don’t end up consuming sugar, refined flour and all that is bad for our body in the long run.

Adya Organics range of cookies is the healthiest alternative available in the market. The cookies come in a variety of flavours and make for a healthy snacking item. Let’s have a detailed look at them:

1. Gluten-free Cookies
These cookies are a heaven for gluten intolerant people. Gluten is a type of protein found in grains which can be difficult to digest for certain people. These cookies are made using multigrain flour (i.e., ragi, bajra, amaranth and chana dal) and are totally sugar-free, making them ideal for diabetic people.

2. Jeera Cookies
A perfect combination of sweet and savoury, the jeera biscuits are free from refined flour, artificial flavours and preservatives. Date palm jaggery is used as a substitute for sugar, making it ideal for diet conscious people.

3. Coconut Cookies
If you are a coconut junkie, this is your one-stop getaway to a coconut heaven. Our Coconut cookies are guilt-free, snackable cookies made from ragi flour, bajra flour, makka jau, moong green powder, kala chana flax seeds powder and sooji. It contains date palm jaggery, which is the healthiest form of sugar substitute and sweetener available in the market.

4. Til gur Cookies

Til, widely known as sesame, is rich in fiber and a great antioxidant for your skin. It also helps maintain heart health and regulates cholesterol levels. Baked using a traditional recipe, these cookies are unadulterated, unrefined and handmade with love. The amazing combination of til with gur (i.e. date palm jaggery) gives it a unique taste and makes it ideal for diet conscious and diabetic people.