Farmer will be happy only when there is a way to reduce the cost and more income in farming – Giriraj Singh


Noida: On October 12, this morning, the country’s Rural Development and Panchayat Raj Minister Giriraj Singh said that the income of farmers can not only increase twice, but can increase manifold, if the cost of cultivation is low and the price is reasonable. it is only possible. When cow rearing and agriculture are combined and use of fertilizers and pesticides based on cow dung and cow urine. The Rural Development Minister was addressing the closing ceremony of seven-day multilayer farming of organic agricultural scientist Akash Chaurasia of Sagar, MP at Aadya Organic Farm in Dostpur-Mangrauli village, located near Sector 167, Noida.

He said that by growing different types of crops from the same plot, the income of the farmers would definitely increase manifold, the cost would also come down and the water consumption would also be reduced. He said that the efforts of former MP RK Sinha are commendable and on the one hand, the income of the farmers will be manifold, while on the other hand, the people will get poison free food and vegetables.

Akash Chaurasia, the father of multilayer farming, said that multilayer farming will protect the crops from extreme heat and extreme cold and also from weeds and insects. The biggest thing is that due to having five crops together, farmers will continue to get some economic benefit every month.

Pallavi Sinha, Managing Director of Ada Organic apprised the Minister about the problem of farmers engaged in organic farming.

Mangrauli’s head Chaman and former head Kalu welcomed the minister and demanded electricity connections to the farmers of the submerged area for agricultural work.

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