Does Raw Mustard Flower Honey Per Day Help In Weight Loss?

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Life is too short to live without mustard flower honey!

Mustard indeed came alive in the early 20th century in America when introduced in a hot dog. You’d be surprised to know that August 3 is celebrated as National Mustard Day. Now, you might be wondering why mustard is so popular? It is because mustard is available in many forms like natural mustard oil, fresh honey, and more plus, it has incredible health benefits to keep you healthy and wise.

A Walk To the Condiment Aisle

Let us find out where the sweet and raw mustard honey falls in the spectrum of vibrant dishes and sandwich condiments. If you take a walk down the condiment aisle, you’ll realize that there are various mustards available in the market. And, if you scrutinize the nutrition labels, you’ll discover more and learn that all the mustards are not equal or the same.

This is true for mustard honey because there’s a massive range of options varying from low fat to high fat. So, when asked whether mustard honey is healthy or not, the answer is that even the fat-free mustard honey consists of around 50 calories, i.e., 2tbsp servings.

Ingredient Count

  • It is higher in calories than the yellow or spicy mustards, while half of them are calorie-free. However, there are a few spicy and Dijon mustards that have up to 30 calories in 2tbsp.
  • There’s full-fat mustard honey that’s even more detrimental to the diet than the fat-free one, and this is not just because of the fat content but also other ingredients.
  • Mustard honey is loaded with sugar and, to say, more specifically loaded sugars. These are the number one enemies of your diet in the world of nutrition, and too much sweetness can risk your health with heart diseases and diabetes.
  • Raw and fresh mustard honey contains cancer-fighting phytochemicals similar to those present in broccoli and cabbage.

The bottom line is if you’re looking for the health benefits of natural mustard honey, then you have a lot with weight loss included in it. However, whenever you’re looking for raw mustard honey, make sure you look up to the ingredients mentioned on it.

Health Benefits of Natural Mustard Honey

Mustard honey is natural as it is unheated and unprocessed. It comes with pure and natural nutrients that add a distinct taste to your food. The best part about natural mustard honey is that it comes with antiseptic, natural, and various healing properties to cure your health. Some of the incredible health benefits of natural mustard honey are given below –

  • Helps in weight loss
  • Lowers the cholesterol level
  • Reduces the risk of heart attacks
  • Used as a raw material in various foods
  • Good for body massage
  • Helps in the maintenance of glycogen level in the body
  • Best for cold, cough, and sore throat

Difference Between Yellow Mustard and Mustard Honey

Before you understand the difference between yellow mustard and mustard honey, let’s know more about the popular condiment mustard known for its spicy, hot, and peppery notes. This is a well-known condiment that’s popular because it can be paired with meats and cheeses or used in a sandwich spread or a salad dressing. It’s made from the mustard plant and can be found in a variety of flavors and forms. There are gourmet varieties like walnut and wasabi.

  • Mustard Honey: Bees extract pure honey from mustard flowers. This makes the honey have a cream-like texture ideal for consumption and also adds the rich flavor of the mustard flowers. The mustard honey, hence, has the natural sweetness & health of honey and the naturally enriching flavor of mustard.
  • Yellow Mustard – This is a typical variety that’s served at the barbecue. This mustard is bright yellow with its prepared mustard that’s mild and best for adding toppings for barbecue favorites like pulled pork, hotdogs, or burgers 

Why Creamy Mustard Honey Is Good For You

Creamy mustard honey is very beneficial for your health as it is known to improve the digestive system’s functioning. If you drink warm water mixed with honey early in the morning with an empty stomach, it’s going to help you in weight loss. Honey mixed with warm water helps to flush out the toxins from the body and reduces the static weight in your digestive system. Apart from this, creamy mustard honey is very delicious, and it can be used as a spread on sandwiches or pizzas for taste. If you’re looking forward to teasing your taste buds, then creamy mustard honey is an outstanding choice for you. It’s also one of the best alternatives to be included in Italian recipes.

Mama Mia! So, what are you waiting for? Add a creamy taste of mustard honey to all your recipes!

Amazing Facts About Mustard Honey

We are sure you would be thrilled to explore these fascinating facts on honey and its variants, giving you a few more reasons to fall in love with our Creamy Mustard Honey!

  1. In ancient Mesopotamia, honey was prescribed as a medicinal cure.
  2. If we walk you through a supermarket and then make you stand right at the center of it to point at the direction in which you saw honey – most probably, you will be able to correctly point at it. This conclusion is based on a study conducted in 2007 that researched the relationship between humans and honey.

The reason for this result was pointed at the fact that the human brain, descending from the times of hunters & gatherers is trained to locate honey as a primary source of healthy calories.

  1. Good quality honey is rich in antioxidants and can quickly help control blood pressure, improve cholesterol, and lower triglycerides, which are primarily responsible for causing Type 2 Diabetes.

Final Thoughts

Natural and raw mustard honey is one of the best, fresh, and right ingredients available for your healthy diet. The nutritional value of mustard is also very high. All you need to take into consideration is the ingredients included in the product whenever you go forward to buy raw mustard honey for yourself.

Sweeten your life with raw mustard honey!

Does Raw Mustard Flower Honey Per Day Help In Weight Loss?