Cookies and Chai for a rainy day!


Monsoon in India can be a relief from the scorching heat, and it is also the time to enjoy peace and tranquility while having a cup of tea with delish cookies. Nowadays, people have become health conscious and avoid munching on cookies that are made of maida and sugar.

Adya Organics has variety of cookies for you to unwind during monsoon. Our cookies are homemade, 100% organic and not made with maida, wheat or sugar. They can be enjoyed with a cup of coffee or tea on a rainy day without worrying about calories intake.

Types of Cookie Combos

We have 3 types of cookie combos – Choco-Coco Cookies Combo, Cookie Bliss Combo and Mom & Child Combo. All cookies are made with unadulterated, unrefined and all-natural ingredients. These organic cookies are free of any artificial flavours, artificial sweeteners or preservatives.

Choco-Coco Cookie Combo

This combo contains sweet and crunchy Coconut Cookies and Chocolate Til Cookies. It takes care of your sweet munching cravings while adding plethora of health benefits. Made from good quality sesame seeds and date palm jaggery, these organic cookies are rich in dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals. Organic Coconut Cookies are highly nutritious and enriched in Vitamin C, Vitamin B Complex and Vitamin E.

Cookie Bliss Cookie Combo

This combo contains both savory and sweet cookies i.e. a pack each of Jeera Cookies and Coconut Cookies. These cookies are made with date palm jaggery instead of sugar. Jeera cookies are made using A2 butter which further enhances its flavor whereas Coconut cookies are made of fresh coconut which makes them highly nutritious and excellent source of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals.</p.

Mom and Baby Cookie Combo

This combo contains a pack each of Chocolate Til Cookies and Women Wellness Cookies. Chocolate Til cookies make for healthy and guilt-free snacking on a rainy day. Women Wellness Cookies is suitable for lactating mothers or someone with hormonal imbalance and is suitable for people who cannot digest gluten easily as it is made pearl millet flour and sattu.