Ayurvedic Significance of Ghee

Ayurvedic Significance of Ghee

Atharvana Veda 4.21.11 and 6: आ गावो अग्मन्नुत भद्रकम्रन् सीदंतु गोष्मेरणयंत्वस्मे ।

प्रजावती: पुरुरूपा इहस्स्युरिंद्राय पूर्वीरुष्सोदुहानाः ॥

यूयं गावो मे दयथा कृशं चिदश्रीरं चित्कृणुथा सुप्रतीकम् भद्र गृहं कृणुथ भद्रवाचो बृहद्वो वय उच्यते सभासु ॥

Translation: Oh Cows! With your milk and ghee, you make the physically weak strong and nurture the sick to health. With your sacred utterances, you chastise our homes. Your glory is discussed in gatherings.

Ghee, also known as clarified butter, has been used as a healing additive in Ayurveda for millennia. Ghee is an ingredient that we trust and for good reason, studies have shown that ghee is one of the healthier sources of fat and it is beneficial for you. Not only does ghee have fewer calories than butter; Ghee is loaded with vitamins and has a high dietary fat content as well. To digest these vitamins, as they are fat-soluble they need to be combined with fat molecules. In the form of dietary fibre, Ghee also offers these fat molecules. Together, our bodies absorb them readily and thus our bodies can use these nutrients. Ghee is rich in A, D, E and K vitamins that can assist in repairing damaged skin, enhancing sight, balancing hormones, and controlling metabolism.In addition to all this ghee is known to reduce inflammation, improve digestion and immunity.

However the ghee that we find ourselves purchasing from the market is not always all that it promises to be, oftentimes the ghee that we buy has been through adulteration and requires heavy machinery which uses excessive heat for its production, in such cases the quality and nutritional content of ghee suffers. However A2 ghee is a type of ghee that requires more manual labour which helps in ensuring a standard of quality.

Ayurvedic Significance of Ghee :-

It penetrates into and helps dissolve the ama or toxins in the dhatus or basic elements of the body. The wastes are, then, carried to the intestinal tract and expelled.Ghee enables healing and facilitates recovery from wounds.

It is considered one of the best substances for self-massage, increasing the overall strength, luster and beauty of the body.

Ghee increases agni, helpful to digest food, without aggravating the pitta dosha – fire element – in the body. Ghee calms the pitta and vata. Hence, it is ideal for those suffering from vata and pitta imbalance disorders.

Ghee rejuvenates and contributes to longevity. It slows the aging process. Ghee when mixed with “honey” and “triphala” can be applied around eyes,which will strengthen the optic nerve.

What is A2 Ghee :-

Adya Organics A2 Ghee is pure and unadulterated ghee ethically prepared and packed at our Gaushala. It is made using A2 milk that contains the A2 beta-casein protein and is significantly healthier than other milk. It is also rich in Omega 3.

The ghee made by A2 milk can only be acquired from a species of purebred Indian cows such as Sahiwal and Gir.The ghee prepared from its milk is called A2 ghee. Our A2 ghee is prepared from the milk of our own Gir breed cows that are raised and grazed in our open eco-friendly farms. The structure of this A2 variety of milk is similar to the human milk beta-casein chain.

How is A2 ghee prepared ?

For the preparation of our A2 ghee, we follow a traditional process called Binola. Binola was pioneered by our Ancient Indians that lived and procured resources naturally, made pure ghee, which was a staple for them through hand-churning.

32 liters of A2 milk is milked from grass-fed Gir cows and is boiled in earthen pots to ensure that the milk is free from bacteria and is thus good to consume. It is then kept overnight in a warm place to convert into curd and then kept in a cool place before the churning process.

This curd is then hand-churned using a wooden mathni called “Binola” (just like Mata Yashoda used to churn milk )  in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction converting it into butter.This butter is then prepared into 1Kg ghee.

What Are The Health Benefits of Consuming A2 Ghee ?

A2 Ghee has higher nutritional values such as Protein, Iron, Sodium, Calcium, Vitamin A, D, E along with Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. It has various other benefits too, such as :

  • A2 ghee contains butyric acid which nourishes the cells of the intestines helping in reducing inflammation and improving digestion.
  • Vitamins like A, D, E & K, helps in strengthening immunity. These vitamins play a major role in the functioning of the heart, brain, and also bone development boosting the immune system and enhancing metabolism.
  • It helps in weight loss by lowering bad cholesterol.
  • A2 Ghee reduces body inflammation.
  • It protects arteries by keeping the tunica interior,tunica media and tunica exterior flexible,thereby preventing blockages.
  • A2 Ghee increases the fertility of a woman by nourishing the womb and seeds. Thus it facilitates a healthy pregnancy for the carrying mother. It ensures proper care of the fetus in the mother’s womb. Also helps boost lactation in post-pregnancy period for nursing mothers.

Why Adya Organics A2 Ghee ?

Our A2 ghee is prepared from the milk of our own Gir breed cows that are raised and grazed in our open eco-friendly farms. Traditional mathni/bilona method is used to make A2 Ghee from A2 milk.

As mentioned earlier, 32 liter of Gir cow A2 milk is used to prepare 1 Kg of A2 Ghee. This is the reason,which makes A2 Ghee an “expensive product”.

Fun Fact :-

When sunlight falls on the hump of Gir cows,it accelerates the production of Gold molecules in the milk. Traces can be found in Gir cow milk.The research was conducted by “Junagadh Agricultural University” (JAU) by using “Gas Chromatography” and “Mass Spectrometry”. The article was published in “The Economic Times” newspaper in June 2016.

Scrumptious Recipes That Can Be Prepared Using A2 Ghee :-

  • A bowl of hot “Gaajar Ka Halwa” made by using A2 ghee served at the end of a meal is so heavenly that it makes you forget the meal itself.
  • “makhane ki kheer” is an instant hit during festivals,particularly during Navratra.
  • “Jeera Rice” is yet another dish which can be prepared using A2 ghee.
  • Grab a bowl of popcorn drizzled with melted A2 Ghee and hunker down on the couch with a selection of great movies.
  • Prepare chocolate fudge by using A2 Ghee.Turn this decadent dessert into a healthier marvel.

Ayurvedic Significance of Ghee