Ancient foods that we might have forgotten!

India has long been known as the center of cultivation, having food and grains in abundance. We, as a country, have tried and followed age-old recipes and healthy diets for decades now. But, on our way to modernisation, we might have left some of the most nutritious foods or grains behind. This article will unravel some of the most critical grains that have been abandoned by us:


Barley, commonly known as ‘Jau’ is one of India’s oldest cultivated grains that is rich in fiber, minerals and vitamins. Barley is ideal for people with high blood-sugar as it helps regulate it. It also helps control your hunger-pangs, resulting in weight loss. This grain was consumed in ancient times as boiled porridge and soup because it could easily be digested by the body. In today’s times, the consumption of this grain has almost ceased to exist. However, some people still consume it as a snack munchie. It can be roasted and eaten, just like Channa, and is savoured for its nutty texture and taste.  Barley, being an important rabi crop, can also be used to make chapatis, dosa and as a substitute for rice in moong dal khichdi.


Millet is rich in dietary fiber and supports good bacteria in your digestive system. Millet is generally used to feed livestock in our country but has recently gained popularity among consumers as well. There is now an increased demand for millet as more people want to incorporate this grain into their diet. Consumption of millet can help reduce blood pressure as it is rich in complex carbohydrates, making it low-glycemic. It is rich in potassium, which keeps your kidney healthy as well. One can consume millet, just like Quinoa, and have it with curry/vegetables or consume it in the form of khichdi.


Amaranth seeds have become widely popular in the west since people have started to unwind its miraculous properties and health benefits. It’s sad to see that something that has been a part of India is now being adopted by the west and ignored in the east. Amaranth is rich in Vitamin C which speeds up your body’s healing process. It is also good for people who have Celiac disease as it is gluten free. It also acts as a weight watcher for people trying to stay fit. So, the next time you are on a diet, you must include this grain in your food. Amaranth is also the most natural form of plant protein available for you to consume. It significantly lowers bad cholesterol in your body and promotes good heart health. This grain is definitely a steal!